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Acer India Storms the Indian Market With All New Range Of Projectors

V7500, H6517BD, C205, P1387W, P5515 projectors are designed to cater the needs of different industry verticals
Editor’s Summary:
  • The new Home Entertainment Projector V7500 features premium image with Full HD resolution, sRGB color gamut, for better color accuracy and Acer ColorPurity and latest LumiSense+ technology
  • The P1285B, feature rich multimedia projector presents XGA crystal-clear imagery with 3200 ANSI brightness and comes with LAN interface, USB Reader & display with Office viewer for PC less presentation   
  • Acer P5515 projects crystal clear imagery with 1080P resolution and 4000 AL brightness and supports H/V keystone and 4 corner correction.
  • The Acer H6517BD 1080p resolution projector designed to deliver magnificent quality video with amazingly sharp detail with HDMI® 3D technology
  • The award winning C205 pico projector features in Built-in battery for cable-free, long time lasting usage and MHL connectivity is ideal for business and personal use
  • Acer Projector P1387W features 4500 AL brightness, WXGA resolution, Auto Keystone and high contrast ratio for best value projection
  • Optional wireless kits available to allow freedom from cables

Bangalore, INDIA (October 5, 2015): Acer India, one of the largest PC vendors in the country, unveiled its latest range of projectors including the new V7500 projector with superb clarity packed into a sophisticated design, the Acer P1285B feature rich Projector with multimedia playback and Auto Keystone correction, the 1080P resolution P5515 with 2D keystone and 4 corner  correction, the Acer H6517BD with magnificent video quality, the award winning C250 pico projector, and the P1387W projector for best value projection in the Indian market today. With varied features and functions, the projectors aim at providing optimal solutions to different industries. A perfect blend of elegant design and latest technology, the new projectors are functionally and visually irresistible. According to the latest data from PMA, for Q2 2015 Acer has reached a record high market share of 8% worldwide and 17.8% in EMEA, positioning Acer as the third largest projector brand worldwide and No.1 DLP brand in EMEA.
Announcing the launch, S. Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer, Acer India, said, "The new range of Acer projectors target various consumer segments and keeps in mind their respective requirements. All our devices are designed and developed after a comprehensive analysis of the consumer needs. Our R&D team develops features that solve the particular need of our target consumers. The whole new range of projectors brings complete wireless connectivity to all industry verticals, resulting in easier setup, cleaner-looking entertainment spaces, and lower installation costs. We've introduced our world-leading ExtremeEco technology to enable up to 30,000 hours of lamp life in LED projectors, giving our customers access to bright picture performance, energy savings, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)." He also said, “Image quality has always been of utmost importance for us, which is why our focus has been on both high brightness and vibrant color reproduction. With the new range of large venue projectors, we’ve provided our customers with the very best images they could get with a wide array of installation options, making it easier to obtain the brightest, sharpest images.”
All of the new projectors support MHL®, so that mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets can be easily connected and the screen content mirrored to play games, watch videos, or even make presentations. Wireless projection capabilities for all newly launched models can be enabled via an optional wireless dongle. All the models feature Acer proprietary ColorBoost3D and ColorSafe II enhancement technologies to provide true and natural colours even after extended use.
Build Your Home Theatre – Acer V7500
The Acer V7500 was engineered for home theatres in mind and supports 100 percent of the sRGB color gamut for better color accuracy. It features Acer ColorPurity technology to reproduce rich and pure colours, combining a RGBRGB color wheel with unique lamp control techniques, resulting in a wider color gamut and reduced rainbow effects. The V7500 also incorporates Acer’s latest LumiSense+ technology, which intelligently optimizes the image according to ambient light conditions and source image spectrum. The V7500 supports HDMI® 3D to provide a smooth 3D viewing experience of 144Hz 24p Blu-ray™ 3D movies. Outfitted with 4 Corner Correction functionality, it enables users to adjust distortions from any corner, so images can be projected on sloped or asymmetric surfaces. The V7500 also features a built-in cable management compartment, while the lamp can be used up to 7,000 hours under ExtremeEco mode. This wireless 1080p Projector deliver stunning, crystal-clear images with up to 2,500 lumens of color brightness, outstanding 20,000:1 contrast ratio, and an advanced suite of calibration tools developed to meet the requirements of today’s most demanding home entertainment consumers.
ColorPurity Technology
Combining RGBRGB color wheel, lamp control technique on multiple waveforms and unique software engine, ColorPurity produces wider color gamut to 72% NTSC. Because of wider color range, color can reach its most pure level. Green becomes extremely green, red is pure red, and blue is amazingly blue. It generates uncompromised visuals with most pure and abundant color level.
Acer ColorBoost II+ is an advanced technology that refines waveform to improve color performance based on lamp spectrum and color wheel properties. ColorBoost II+ improves natural color temperature to achieve optical color balance, and enhances color brightness according to content by working with Acer eView Management, which provides scenario modes with a color-specific refined waveform.
Acer projectors featuring ColorSafe are virtually immune to color decay, such as the yellow or green tint on images displayed by some projectors that have been used for extended periods of time. Acer projectors take advantage of DLP technology to guarantee picture integrity despite prolonged use. Extended lifespan and consistent image quality lower total cost of ownership and translate to big savings.
Home Entertainment Enjoyment – Acer H6517BD
The Acer H6517BD is a 1080p high resolution projector designed to deliver magnificent quality video with amazingly sharp detail. 3,200 lumens brightness, DLP® 3D Ready and HDMI® 3D technology will help you to create the most fantastic home theater even with ambient light. Also ExtremeEco technology enables power savings up to 70% and extends lamp life to 8,000 hours. To top it off, Acer H6517BD projector is readily affordable.
Installation Flexibility
The Acer Side-Loading Lamp design makes lamp replacement trouble-free, even while the projector remains ceiling-mounted. The keystone correction feature eliminates distortions resulting from elevated or side projection. Furthermore, with the Display over USB feature, images from your PC can be displayed as soon as a USB cable connects the PC and projector.
Empowering Usability
The Empowering Key provides easy access to the useful suite of Acer Empowering Technology tools. Acer SmartFormat technology offers instant projection of wide-format content, without complicated resolution settings. With Acer Instant Pack technology, you can safely unplug the power cord right after the projector is turned off -- you don't have to wait till it cools down, so you can pack up and go immediately.
Your reliable business companion – Acer P1285B
Acer P1285B projector is ideal for everyday use, at work or home. It makes your presentations more compelling and entertainment more exciting with 3,200 ANSI lumens high brightness, high contrast and HDMI 3D capability. Furthermore, with multimedia function, it enables photos, audio and video playback directly from USB drives and also has office viewer facility for PC less presentation. These projectors also feature a built-in cable management compartment, while the lamp can be used up to 10,000 hours under ExtremeEco mode.
The projector is designed for business and home cinema, the Acer P1285B with ColorBoost 3D technology delivers high performance at a low price. Luminosity of 3200 ANSI lumens, a native XGA resolution with a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1 project an extremely sharp and bright image even in daylight. The TCO-certification of the Acer P1285B also exhibits the special ergonomic properties from a neutral location, as well as optimum suitability for use in the business environment.
Crystal Clear Images in Any Room – Acer P5515
Capable of projecting 1080P Full HD high-resolution images at up to 4,000 ANSI lumens brightness, the P5515 provides a clear viewing experience even in bright environments and from long distances from the screen, making it ideal for mid-sized meeting rooms. It has built-in 2x10W speakers that deliver power sound without requiring external speakers. The P5515 is flexible for different installation scenarios as it supports both vertical and horizontal keystone correction of image distortions up to 30 degrees. It also supports 4 Corner Correction, enabling users to adjust distortions from any corner, so that images can be projected on sloped or asymmetric surfaces.
This series of professional projectors delivers advanced visuals, complete control, and brilliant color all with earth-caring functionality. With DLP 3D-ready functionality, you can deliver impressive high-definition 3D presentations. Powerful color technology preserves and enhances visuals' true color. Special software enables seamless control via a LAN or Wi-Fi connection. Finally, energy-efficient functions help cut costs and save the environment.
MHL™ Connectivity
With the MHL connectivity (through MHL™/HDMI™ port), the projector is capable of performing the uncompressed HDMI digital signals and multi-channel audio from an MHL supported smartphone. The charging capability from projector to the battery of smartphone is also provided. Furthermore, with the Acer unique MHL wireless adapter attaching to the MHL™/HDMI™ port, the projector can display the content wirelessly from a PC, Tablet, Smartphone or Set-Top Box with Miracast or DLNA WiFi Display capability.
Ideas in your pocket – Acer C205
The Acer C205 has won iF Design Award 2015 which reflects the jury’s recognition for outstanding achievements in design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, as well as universal design. This pocket size projector is ideal for both professional and private projections. At just 302 g, the Acer C205 has an HDMI/MHL connection to display content from your smartphone on a big screen. The C205 is an LED-based DLP projector with a rated brightness of 200 lumens and native FWVGA (854-by-480) resolution. This projector has a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours in Standard mode and 30,000 hours in Eco mode, so the light source should last the lifetime of the projector. A built-in, rechargeable 4,200mAh battery provides up to 2 hours of cable-free operation. With the MHL connectivity, the projector is capable of performing the uncompressed HDMI digital signals and multi-channel audio from an MHL supported smartphone. The charging capability from projector to the battery of smartphone is also provided.
With the LED light source, users can enjoy the big screen display immediately as soon as the projector is turned on, just like turning on a TV. Unlike a lamp based projector, waiting the warm-up of the device is no longer required for a LED based projector. The Instant Off is also achievable by the LED light source. User can turn off the projector then unplug the power cord immediately without any concern for damaging the device.
Best-value projection – Acer P1387W
Designed for business and home theater systems the Acer P1387W video projector with the new Acer Color Boost 3D technology offers strong performance at an attractive price. Bright 4,500 ANSI lumens, WXGA its native (HD) resolution and high contrast ratio of 17,000: 1 and a digital HDMI port project in daylight a crisp, bright image. Numerous features such as automatic keystone correction, automatic rotation of the image for ceiling and HDMI 3D offer a comfortable structure and ultimate pleasure - even in 3D! This projector has a lamp life of up to 3,000 hours in Standard mode, 4,000 hours in Eco mode and 5,000 hours in ExtremeEco mode. In addition to these features, there is a vertical keystone correction of +/- 40 degrees. With the MHL connectivity (through MHL™/HDMI™ port), the projector is capable of performing the uncompressed HDMI digital signals and multi-channel audio from an MHL supported smartphone.

ColorBoost 3D
Acer’s ColorBoost 3D is a combination of technical advancements that improve optical color performance for all kinds of content, based on color wheel design, specialized techniques to control the projector lamp, and a Texas Instruments DLP™ chip. Now, Acer presents ColorBoost3D that provides true-to- life images even while displaying 3D or 2D-3D contents.
Acer EcoProjection
Acer EcoProjection is a complete environment-friendly power management solution that reduces standby power consumption by up to 90%, from 5 W to 0.5 W. Also featured in the Acer EcoProjection suite is Acer ePower Management for customized power-saving configurations.

Acer has achieved success across various segments including some of the biggest wins coming from numerous state owned electronic nodal agencies where at times the project size has been in excess of 3000 high-end projectors. Acer also has a successful long-term partnerships with education vertical focused leading System Integrators that have resulted in good placements of Acer projectors in the Education vertical. From its current strength in education segment, Acer is now enlarging its focus to various emerging segments, which are booming with demand for projectors such as SMEs, Corporates, Training institutions, ITeS, BFSI and Homes. The newly inaugurated Acer Malls across the country will also showcase the range of projectors which will bring the products closer to the consumer to touch, feel and experience.
Pricing and Availability

The new Acer V7500 is available in India and the MRP is Rs. 99,000/-

The new Acer P1285B is available in India and the MRP is Rs. 42,000/-

The new Acer P5515 will be available in India from October and the MRP is Rs. 99,000/-

The new Acer H6517BD is available in India and the MRP is Rs. 79,000/-

The new AcerC205 will be available in India from November and the MRP is Rs. 33,000/-

The new Acer P1387W is available in India and the MRP is Rs. 73,000/-

About Acer

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