Monday, July 20, 2015

Innovation Generation, Language Revival and Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting on edX this Week!

How to spread innovation and effectively communicate novel ideas with others? Why are languages an integral part of society? How to reconstruct signals from samples under certain conditions? How to reliably identify the roles and relationships of words in a sentence? Find answers to these questions and more on edX this week. 

Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting– ACCA – July 28, 2015
This Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting course is apt for anyone who wants to start a career in financy and accountancy or prepare for ACCA’s exams in Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) and Management Information (MA1). Attempting to teach business transactions, payroll and ledger accounts, reconciliation and preparing trial balance, recording and classifying costs, etc, the best bestthing about this course is that learners do not need any previous knowledge of accounting, and can simply start by enrolling.

Innovation and IT Management- IIMBx- July 21, 2015
This course attempts cover basic concepts of information technology management that can changes the manner and scope in which businesses operate and compete. Taught by IIMBx, this course will teach the learners how to use IT in their organization, exploring business innovations and building IT enabled products and services.

Innovation Generation: How to Be Creative– UTHealthSPHx–July -27, 2015  
This course is based on an extraordinarily successful program that has been presented at over 70 top American universities. It aims to teach the learners how to clarify a tricky problem that calls for a new approach, identify habitual ways of thinking and find novel alternatives, propose loads of innovative approaches using thinking tools such as analogy, reversal, expansion, narrowing, changing point- of view and find the best innovative approach to solve specific problems.

Language Revival: Securing the Future of Endangered Languages– AdelaideX- July 28, 2015
This course aims to make learners know how the world’s endangered languages are revived and why this process is critical to preserving cultural identity by teaching them to explore connections between language and identity, making them understand the impact of language loss on people around the world and examining what is being done to revive languages today.

English Grammar and Style– UQx – July 26th, 2015
This course will present materials that cover grammatical principles, word usage, writing style, sentence and paragraph structure, and punctuation. It will introduce learners to some marvelous resources by showing them video clips of interviews conducted with distinguished grammarians, challenging them with quizzes and writing activities that will give them strategies to help them build skills that will enhance the quality of their writing, and invite them to participate in discussions and assess the work of your peers.

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