Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hotels in Kerala select Commeasure’s direct and online hotel booking platform to engage customers online

Commeasure has signed on 50+ hotels as customers in Kerala


Commeasure has signed on 550+ hotels as customers, within a year of its launch

Singapore- India, 24th June 2015 – South Asia’s fastest growing Hotel Booking PlatformCommeasurehas signed 50+ hotels as its customers in Kerala. Some of these hotels include Deshadan Cliff and Beach Resort (Munnar), XL Home Stay (Kochi), Misty Green Homestay (Thekkady), South Regency (Kochi), JJ Cottage (Munnar) and San Mike Homestay (Kochi). With Commeasure’s cloud based technology platform, these hotels can now directly distribute inventory on their own branded website and other online channels,further, ensuring that customers have a seamless experience while making a booking.
“Kerala isone of the top and a pleasing tourist destination. As the influx of tourists increases here, smaller hotels find it difficult to compete as they do not have online presence to engage with their customers directly. TheCommeasure platform enables smaller chains and independent hotels, which lack in resources to invest in technology to seamlessly distribute their inventory online and lower their cost of distribution by providing them a bouquet of services. We aim to level the playing field between small chains/ independent hotels, making the hotel’s own brand web and mobile sites as good as the ones operated by multi-national hotel chains and large online travel agents. Besides, we offer a success-based model where our hotel customers are charged only on the basis of the business generated via the Commeasure platform. Kerala is an important market for us and we see high demand here”, said Amit Saberwal, CEO, Commeasure

Customer dynamics are changing rapidly in our industry owing to the changes in user behavior brought about by technological advancements. Commeasure’s plug and play solution is a must have for the hotel owners to maneuver their way through the changing landscape and to focus on their real task at hand, which is customer bookings. With Commeasure, we’ve seen an increase in our online bookings – both from third party booking sites as well as our own hotel website”, said Mrs. Maggie Felix, Misty Green Homestay Thekkay.

Commeasure’s solution addresses a growing challenge that hotels face with customer acquisition and retention. With customers checking for hotels and prices online, customer acquisition for smaller hotels is complicated. Current solutions are either too expensive or offer only part solutions. Commeasure’s result based, transparent and success-oriented offering lets hotels distribute their property on OTAs as well as their own website and mobile channels, without only being reliant on third party distributors.

Commeasure’s platform has all the tools that are must for a hotel to distribute and manage their digital presence thereby lowering their cost of distribution and increasing direct reservations. The platform’s design is affordable, highly scalable, which is built on cloud with the latest technology stack. Deeply aligned with the success of the hotel, Commeasure requires little training and comes with step-by-step guidance.

About Commeasure
Singapore based Commeasure, with a registered office in India - Commeasure Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., owns and operates business to business platform helping hotels to develop its direct booking systems. It offers effective and responsive websites, booking engine and optimized booking funnel. The company was incorporated in February 2014.

Commeasure’s aim is to simplify all aspects of digital customer acquisition and loyalty for independent hotels by offering a plug and play system that focuses on only what matters – customer bookings. It helps hotels to lower cost of distribution and provide all required tools to manage their digital presence.

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