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Biggest platform for aspiring singers to be a Karaoke Star

15th April 2015, Mumbai :-

Musiqui App launched the first ever Indian Karaoke League (IKL) at Suresh Wadkar’sAjivasan Music Academy, Mumbai.

If music connects people, then karaoke helps them become ‘buddies’. It’s a fun way of socializing, by putting all your inhibitions aside. And now it’s set to make you famous as well.

Musiqui, for the first time in India announced the launch of the biggest platform where anyone and everyone can sing his or her heart out without any restrictions. The app provides license to sing, magic tune the song and make it equivalent to a professional studio recording. These recordings can become the first step towards the stardom and eventually winning the IKL.

Indian Karaoke League (IKL) is a nationwide hunt for the best Karaoke singer. For greater levels of participation, the league will be divided into four groups - College Champs, School Stars, Professionals and Amateurs. Contestants can participate in any of these four groups, through the Musiqui app.

Present at the launch event today were the esteemed panel members of IKLwhich included Chief Mentor &MahaguruPT. SURESH WADKAR, Co-founder & Brand Ambassador SONU NIGAM, Chief Advisor SHAMEER TANDON, Member Advisory Board MALA SEKHRI, Co-founder & CEO SANJAY CHITALE.

The panel interacted with media and shared their views on how the initiative came into existence and presented an overview of the competition. Also present at the event were eminent personalities from music fraternity such as Talat Aziz, Abhijeet Bhattacharya among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Pt. Suresh Wadkar said “Being a teacher and Mentor for many decades, I have noticed that only talent and music education is not enough for professional success. An artist also needs a professional platform that will offer an opportunity to show case all they have. Musiqui is a perfect platform for anyone with a music artist inside.”

Adding to this, Singer par excellence, Sonu Nigamsaid “Music has ceased to remain a profession or a hobby of a few and with the advent of technology, has facilitated more people to enjoy being called a singer. IKL takes this to another league now by bringing the technology, and the platform, to your doorstep.”

Chief advisor IKL, ShameerTandon said "As a head honcho for decades, I have successfully Identified, launched  and marketed artists. Also, being a successful artist with national award winning films under the belt, I found Musiqui as a complete platform that address Discovery, exposure and Artist growth all under one umbrella in a easy to use and IP compliant way.”

Mala Sekhri , member Advisory Board said , “ With Music consumption and creation being at an all time high, it is the ideal time to begin an initiative of this kind combining modern technology with the age old urge for everyone to express themselves through Music. IKL brings an egalitarian approach to Music where anyone and everyone can realise their dream of becoming a singer. “

Commenting on the occasion, IKL Co-founder & CEO, Sanjay Chitale said “"Music is my passion, Technology is my education and entrepreneurship is my profession. I could not have found a better opportunity to put them together in a more meaningful and productive way. Given the love for Music in India, I hope Musiqui will someday become a household name like some of the large social networks.”

Music Today represents the Musiqui App in India.

A special thanks to IKL associates Chlorophyll and Khimani& Associates for lending their support and making IKL possible.

Khimani& Associates is a celebrity and media law firm based in Mumbai who have, since the inception of Musiqui and IKL, provided their legal advise and expertise in protecting all intellectual property rights associated with the App and the League.

Chlorophyll is the renowned ad agency responsible for all creative aspects of Musiqui as well as IKL. Speaking on the occasion, KiranKhalap, co-founder & MD, Chlorophyll said “Unlike in other philosophies, in Indian thought, it is sound, not light, that sits at the origin of the universe. While all Indians themselves may not be aware of this as a concept, our lives are governed by sound and music. Our cinema is a vehicle for songs; our communication is almost always rhymed; and we have one of the highest average talktime on phones in the world. So working on a product that used technology to democratise this deep-rooted passion was a great opportunity for chlorophyll.In creating a brand, we needed to define its very reason for existence: after multiple options, we zeroed in “it’s not about the song, it’s about wanting to sing.” The brand urges you to sing irrespective of your level of talent. It also encourages sharing. Hence the brand line “Let go” and an identity that showed an uninhibited singer. We are happy that the ‘sharing’ aspect of the brand is also going to come alive through a karaoke league…the brand is living up to its truth.”

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