Sunday, March 1, 2015

Post Budget reaction quote

 Ramit Sethi, Founder and chief mentor Career Co-
FDI would be favorable for us as it will generate job opportunities and help people to find their career. But we are not happy with 14% tax on companies..And also, the amount allocated for startups is too less.

Comment from Abhinav Choudhary, Co-Founder,, 

 Budget 2015-16 may prove to be A Game changer for tech startups in India. According to Economic Survey 2014-15 Indian Tech startup landscape to be in the mode of hyper-growth. In line with the growth, allocation of 2000cr for startups will definitely be seen as a positive sign from Govt.

FM announcement of reducing corporate tax from 30% to 25% in the next 4 years will increase the expenditure power on marketing and technology of – An online comparison shopping website and creation of more jobs in the technology sector is expected in the upcoming years. Reduction in the rate of income tax on royalty.

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