Sunday, March 1, 2015

Post Budget Reaction quote by NGO- Ms. Devika Chadha, Vice President, Operations, Salaam Bombay Foundation

Salaam Bombay Foundation started in 2002 to work with children in Mumbai’s slums.  They work with 'at risk' children in programmes that engage them through in-school programmes (leadership and advocacy) and after school academies (arts and sports) that help build their confidence, self-esteem and recommit them to stay in school. They are currently in over 200 schools in Mumbai.

Ms. Devika Chadha, Vice President, Operations, Salaam Bombay Foundation

"We see a slight increase in excise duty on tobacco to Rs 70 per kg in budget 2015-16 from Rs 60 per kg last year, but the fact remains that it will not make much of a difference in terms of the price for tobacco. Also there is a hike in the excise duty on cigarettes by 25 percent for 65 mm cigarettes and 15 percent for other cigarette categories. Although this is one step ahead in right direction, it will hardly affect the over all consumption of cigarettes. We feel there should have been more considerations specifically in smokeless tobacco in the budget. However, we hope to see some concrete steps to be taken during the budget for states. The state government must be proactive and increase VAT on all the tobacco products and especially on smokeless ones as they are the most prevalent  form of tobacco which are easily accessible and highly consumed by the children."

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