Saturday, March 21, 2015


·       100+ Hand-Picked Participants from Tech-Social Start-ups, Leading Tech Investors and IT-BPM Industry leaders
·       Targets Collaborative Learning To Help India Solve its Social Problems  
·       A Curtain Raiser to the Book on ‘Technology for Good’ containing successful real world case studies of successful tech driven innovations which have benefitted the underserved across India

Bangalore, March 11, 2015: In a first of its kind event, Bangalore hosted the virtual cream of the Indian IT-BPM Sector, the Technology Investors and the recently launched technology companies, as the NASSCOM Foundation held the first edition of the ‘Tech For Good’ conference.  The Conference is a stepping stone towards NASSCOM Foundation’s aim to drive technology led innovation for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) population by developing solutions to address gaps in key developmental areas and foster inclusive growth. 

Speaking at the event, Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman, NASSCOM Foundation, said, “It is encouraging to see the way technology start-ups focussing on betterment of the society are sprouting up across India. This conference is an attempt at fostering innovation in the tech for good space and giving these start-ups a catalytic platform where they can learn from the experiences of the veterans, collaborate with each other towards new ideas and even find financial support to scale up.”

Owing to the all-encompassing nature of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), its application is being seen across all sectors to provide valuable solutions to problems of social development. At the event, Mr. Shrikant Sinha, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation said, “Over the years, we have recognized 1,000+ innovative technology driven initiatives focussed towards addressing critical needs like providing healthcare to rural parts of the country, bridging market gaps for farmers, giving access to financial services, empowering women and children among many other key social problems across India through the NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum. The conference will not only serve to highlight the achievements of these projects but will also act as a callout to all the young innovators to contribute further to this highly impactful ‘Tech For Good’ space for an inclusive India.

NASSCOM Foundation drew on the expertise resident within its network to bring to Bangalore an event that enriched the understanding of how technology is being used to address some of India’s most pressing social problems. 
The Forum brought together innovators and entrepreneurs, industry leaders, experts and investors to discuss problem solving with technology for a wider economic and/or social gain for India and the various aspects which go into fostering the ‘technology for good’ landscape.

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