Saturday, February 21, 2015

TRIBE ASIA, A Bespoke Consumer Engagement Initiative launches itself in India

Mumbai, February, 2015Today marked the launch of Tribe Asia, a young company comprising of a team that is excited to redefine the term Branded Entertainment. Founded by Swaroop Banerjee and MirzaBaig, the company is the accumulation of years of global events, advertising, broadcast and festival experience. Tribe Asia will focus on the business of producing, conceptualizing and curating global consumer engagement initiatives and live intellectual properties for brands, promoters and investors. The company specializes in the design and delivery of high quality live communications.
What differentiates Tribe Asia is its own network of collaborations in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne and Europe that help the company in bringing its clients clutter breaking and new age technology for their experiences.
Tribe Asia sets its footprint as entrepreneurs, with its presence at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Closer home Tribe takes a macro view of the evolving Media and Entertainment (M&E) scenario and promises to treat the client’s brief wearing a global hat.
Tribe Asia comprises of a highly experienced team dedicated to creating great event experiences. The team will work with clients to understand their ethos and the message they wish to communicate. They will then provide an unexpected, creative and individual event solution.
Speaking of the launch, Swaroop Banerjee, Co-Founder, Tribe Asia, said “I think the global CMO today understands the M&E outlook and the evolving youth consumption behavior. They want a Marathon or a Never Hide Sounds or a Dewarist or an Indies Channel as a brand extension for their consumers, I think they are the ones that will be comfortable talking to Tribe as we speak that language”.
According to Mirza L Baig, Co-Founder, “Innovation is the key to live consumer engagement, it did take Holographic Projection to win an election, brands have evolved and require global tools as their consumers now look outward for their entertainment aspirations. At Tribe we want to be able to curate this innovation thus enabling and empowering Corporate India. This is the key reason we have set up a global collaboration for Tribe Asia”.
In-recent times Branded Intellectual Property has taken the youth marketers by a storm. Tribe Asia will focus on creating their own properties as well as creating IP for brands that are global in all aspects.

We’re a creative bunch and challenge ourselves to come up with the most unique, unusual and exciting event venues, designs and ideas. Our highly skilled and experienced production team combines their knowledge with the event design to produce events using only the highest standards of production expertise, he added.
Tribe Asia will host Asia’s largest children’s festival called ‘THE WIND MILL FESTIVAL’and Asia’s largest extreme sports festival called ‘TESTOS’ both of which will attract a host of international talent and homegrown talent.
Tribe Asia is an events and corporate branding solutions company headquartered out of Mumbai, India with network partners in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne and Europe. The brand name was taken from tribes around the world, however today the brand of entertainment the company endorses is more music festivals, sports festivals etc. The crowds that visit these properties in hundreds of thousands are also Tribes. The EDM tribe, the sports tribe, the stunting tribe, the classical tribe. Today young consumers in India want to be identified with a certain Tribe and we at Tribe Asia understand their appetite, aptitude and attitude to be able to consume new forms of entertainment.
·         The logo is a yellow stone slab - it takes from the old day stone slabs with wise messaging and mixes it with the color Yellow to show new age learnings. 
·         The font is tribal calligraphy - to say that the company’s learnings from the wiser generation are helping to apply their minds to the new age generation and helps them create clutter breaking ideas.
About Swaroop Banerjee: Co-Founder, Director & Chief Creative Producer, has been part of India’s leading events producing platforms like Wizcraft, MTV & Viacom 18 LIVE where he has created & produced gigs in 11 different nations. After his return from Sydney, Australia he has been a festival producer and led two of India’s largest music festivals and ended his individual travelogue as Festival Director for EVC 2014 to start Tribe Asia

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