Thursday, February 12, 2015

Leading IT training provider Koenig

Leading IT training provider Koenig offers Advanced Courses in Web Security: Your Chance to Become an Advanced Information Security Expert

·  Internet security is a major concern in the field of IT today and organizations are putting into place advanced processes to stem information theft
 ·  Koenig Solutions is offering some of the world’s most advanced training courses to equip workers with the ability to defend IT infrastructures
New Delhi, February 06, 2015: With Internet security and information theft becoming a major concern of our time, there is need for greater infrastructural defenses against cyber attacks. Not just technology and safeguard equipment, organizations today are in desperate need of a well-trained workforce which is equipped and skilled to man the security infrastructure.

Leading IT training provider, Koenig Solutions, has unveiled a series of advanced training programs and courses to produce a workforce that is well equipped in web application security systems, and have the training and ability to outthink cyber criminals and hackers.
Developed by EC Council in collaboration with well-respected subject-matter experts and industry practitioners, the CAST (Centre for Advanced Security Training) programs are aimed at nurturing an advanced next generation of cyber security providers. The Advanced Security Training Courses cover a wide variety of cyber concerns.

There are Seven Domains of CAST that Koenig is offering to web programmes and developers: Advanced Penetration Testing; Advanced Mobile Hacking & Forensics; Hacking and Hardening your Corporate WebApplication; Advanced Network Defense; Securing Windows Infrastructure; Designing and Implementing Cloud Security; and Advanced SQLi Attacks and Countermeasures.

“We are increasingly realizing that no matter how secure our systems are, we cannot remain immune to cyber attacks and information thefts as some recent experiences with highly advanced hackers have revealed. Often, the hackers and cyber criminals manage to outthink us and find a loophole to creep into our systems. The recourse is to nurture a new breed of web security experts who can think ahead of the criminals, foresee possible loopholes and block them in time. Our web programmers should simultaneously be trained in highly advanced security processes so that they taje care of the security aspect, even as they programme. Our web security courses are aimed at producing such a breed of well trained cyber security experts,” says Mr Rohit Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Koenig Solutions.

As we realize the need for such a workforce, we also realize that there is a wide gap between the demand and supply of web application programmers who are also well-trained in the aspect of infrastructural and information security. Familiarity with a web security domain can also give web programmers a certain edge in their field.

Today with new threats emerging, information security professionals cannot remain content with traditional training. Rather, they have to stay up-to-date on rapidly evolving threats, and security technologies to counter them. Over the years hackers have become more sophisticated, and attacks more intense and devastating. Advanced security training to keep you aware of the latest remedial technology and process is indispensable. 

In most cases, an organization’s integrity, credibility and trustworthiness depends on its ability to safeguard information of its clients. This ability comes not just from advanced technology and tolls but also from advanced security experts who can work in conjugation with the technology to protect the information systems.
As an IT training provider, Koenig aims to fulfill an entire range of training needs for workers and organizations in the field of IT. Web security is one of the major concerns in the domain today. With CAST courses, one can become a Certified Advanced Information Security Expert.

About Koenig solutions
Koenig Solutions Ltd. offers advanced IT training & certification to individuals and organizations all over the world. Founded in the year 1993 by Mr. Rohit Aggarwal in New Delhi, India, the company was initially established to cater to the domestic IT training market in the country.

However, the dotcom boom followed by bubble burst made Koenig change its business model and look at offshore opportunities to grow and sustain its business. With growing challenges in the initial stages, Koenig carved out an innovative business model to help global knowledge seekers get best knowledge at best price through world class infrastructure and experienced trainers.

Koenig is now the fastest growing IT training & certification provider in India. Over the years, Koenig has been providing IT training to the global workforce from several Fortune 500 companies and governments all over the world. The biggest contributor to Koenig's success is its value and belief system called Koenig Ethos, which has played a primary role in inculcating humility and warmth amongst every Koenig-ite.

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