Saturday, February 21, 2015

Biorhythm India enters JV with AntiGravity® Fitness USA to bring aerial fitness program to India

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In the back drop of Industry analysts’ prediction that Indian Yoga market expected to touch $1.18 billion by the year 2017, several international brands are looking at India for their expansions. Recently, Pune-based Biorhythm India has entered into a joint venture with AntiGravity® Fitness USA to bring the only aerial fitness program that is certified by the governing bodies of America and the EU to India. In this regard, Christopher Harrison, Founder and Creator of internationally renowned entertainment and fitness brand AntiGravity® Fitness was on a visit to India recently for spreading awareness on the concept and to invite potential clients for franchising of the joint venture.

Christopher Harrison, an acrobat, fitness trainer, and Broadway performer who has worked with the likes of US President Barack Obama, Bill Gates and several Hollywood celebrities, trained the first batch of trainers in India who would eventually set up franchisees across the country under his brand AntiGravity. Harrison’s techniques combine an aerial hammock to do yoga aasanas in a much lighter way. Harrison opines this process makes it fairly easier for those who are overweight or with physical injuries etc. to master comparatively difficult yoga techniques as the strain on the body parts is partially absorbed by the hammock.

According to Harrison, “When you open up space in your body, you open up space in your mind.  AntiGravity techniques help people to open up and be free.” “You are only as young as your spine is flexible and your mind is open.  AntiGravity techniques are like guzzling from the fountain of youth.” “Down with a severe illness, losing all my body muscles and having no hopes left, I learned yoga in India in the 1990’s and it changed my entire perspective on life and my ‘art of movement’.  Now, I get to bring back my own version of mind/body connection that I call AntiGravity. I hope to honor the greats before me and the beautiful legacy of yoga in doing so,” added Harrison. “AntiGravity is the perfect integration of body and mind through 7 special techniques,” concluded Harrison.

“AntiGravity® Yoga is purely a Western phenomenon that borrows from the East to bring about the union of body and mind. AntiGravity techniques allow for Zero-Compression Inversions, which decompress the spine and the mind, bringing about greater health and less pain. It is about defying the laws of physics and about staying light-hearted. Take a class and experience the ananda/joy,” explained Nital Raval, Proprietor, Biorhythm India. “The AntiGravity phenomenon has finally arrived in India!  See why all the Hollywood celebrities are practicing it and discover for you the fountain of youth. We handle the biological cycle of our body in a very logical way,” she explained.

“Growth is never merely by share of chances, its force of working together.  AntiGravity techniques create a community of individuals that come together to establish greater health - which is our true wealth,” said Jignesh Raval, Chairman, Biorhythm India.
According to Raval the potential for yoga in India; from a $0.17 billion market at the moment, is expected to scale up to $1.18 billion by 2017. Our target is to have around 100 franchises within the first year. About 13 franchises have signed up within two weeks of starting operations here through Biorhythm and AntiGravity joint venture, Raval said.
Raval observed that at the moment several yoga studios are signing up for the training, as an extension to their brand. He sees a huge opportunity for individual yoga enthusiasts as well as corporates in that space. "Since we have kept the franchise costs low, just with 50 students also one can break even," he added. 
Biorhythms are different hereditary cycles regulating memory, ambition, co-ordination, endurance, temperament and emotions in human body. Each has specific function and its life cycle. These cycles begin at birth and oscillate in a steady wave pattern throughout our lives. At Biorhythm India, they synchronize your mind and body through the state-of-the-art techniques for an enriched modus Vivendi.

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