Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Mumbai, January 2015: Torque Communications has launched a PR Start-Up Kit for e-commerce firms seeking to build brand recall to reach out to customers, create networks and build valuation. Building on its experience of building brands, engaging communities and creating reputation, Torque Communications has launched a range of products that will help ecommerce companies of various sizes to attain scale quickly.
The Start-Up kits range from an off-the-shelf ‘Do it Yourself’ pack that equips entrepreneurs to create their own strategies and execute them based on their domain to short duration PR booster programs that help ecommerce firms quickly establish a reputation. Torque’s products for the space also includes Media Engagement training, Crisis Communication and Investor engagement programme. E-commerce companies can also opt for a PR program to build their own business network. All the products have been designed to suit different budgets and formats and will be curated by dedicated resources
“Most ecommerce companies – big and small – are high on reach, focussed on building customer base and wafer thin on reputation.  Shops are getting set up without too much attention to key facets of customer behaviour – trust, confidence and credibility – despite very large amounts being spent. E-commerce firms also tend to focus too much on owned media over earned media – digital, mobile and offline. The most likely consequence will be a domino effect which squashes everyone when a category takes a hit. This was quite evident during the wipe out of app based cab services where customers saw no distinction between different service providers despite the high decibel advertising and huge digital engagement. The Torque Start-Up kit will help companies calibrate their brand reputation in tune with their brand reach,” says Supriyo Gupta, CEO, Torque Communications.

About Torque Communications
Torque is recognized in the industry for its high level of communication thinking, its ability to effectively create news brands, its endeavour for perfection, eye for detailing and for being a repository of knowledge.
Torque is a 12-year-old public relations consultancy with a mandate from over a dozen Fortune 500 firms and leading Indian brands. Torque has over the past decade consulted clients such as McDonald’s, Dell, Shell, Saab, McCain, Hitachi, Suzuki, FedEx, Escorts, ITC, to name a few. Torque offices are present in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and we cover 119 towns and cities across the country.
Torque offers a range of communication services from  communication programs to CSR Programs, Events planning and execution, resource raising and building Industry Networks.
Torque Communications has a strong reputation and has built a vast repository of practices, relationships, and networks in media, government and peer institutions that help our clients communicate effectively to their core customers and stakeholders.

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