Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FIITJEE Ghaziabad Students shine in National Standard examinations(NSE)

  • The National Standard Examination (NSE) is a first stage qualifying round for International Olympiads
Ghaziabad, 6 Jan, 2015: Students from Ghaziabad have performed exceptionally at a national level Examination, with 25 young guns from the city’s FIITJEE centre making to the next round of the competition i.e Indian National Olympiad (INO).  

National Standard Examination (NSE) is the first stage of participating in International Olympiads. The second stage for qualified students, Indian National Olympiad (INO) is conducted by HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai). The students who qualify INO undergo a rigorous training camp at HBCSE. The final list of students who represent India in International Olympiads is shortlisted after analyzing performance of students participating in camp.

 FIITJEE Ghaziabad students displayed exceptional talent by qualifying in large numbers in National Standard Examinations. The NSE is held in multiple streams including Astronomy (NSEA), Chemistry (NSEC), Physics (NSEP) and Junior Science (NSEJS).  Student of FIITJEE Ghaziabad emerged city toppers in all streams.

In NSEP 4 out of 7, NSEC 9 out of 11, NSEA 9 out of 12 & NSEJS all 3 are students of FIITJEE Ghaziabad out of all selected from city of Ghaziabad. Total number of students from Uttar Pradesh selected in NSEP-39,NSEC-55, NSEA-50 & NSEJS-33.
The results of NSE 2015 were declared by Indian Association of Physics Teachers this week. Four students -- Ankur Sharma, Prakhar Gupta, Yashvardhan Singh & Samarth Agarwal from Ghaziabad -- have qualified for all streams of Indian National Olympiad (INO) amongst other students enrolled for this exam. The success is historical for FIITJEE, Ghaziabad.

FIITJEE is India’s most trusted coaching institute that prepares students for entrance to IIT and other top engineering institutes as well as other prestigious examinations like Mathematics and Science Olympiads, NTSE etc. 

There was a mood of jubilation at FIITJEE Ghaziabad Centre where students came out with flying colours. All the FIITJEE students who have qualified for NSEJS are from long term classroom programs. Teachers at the centre were also overjoyed by the performance of their students, which was the best performance amongst all coaching institutes in the city.

FIITJEE Ghaziabad Centre Head Mr. Ashish Gupta motivated all the students to continue with zest their JEE preparation and hone their skills for Indian National Olympiad. He also assured the continued support on part of the centre to the IIT JEE aspirants of the city to produce similar results consistently.

Recently, Indian students dominated the International Junior Science Olympiad held in Argentina. All six students of India won Gold medals out of which top four students were FIITJEE students. FIITJEE student also became Overall Topper of the event.

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