Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BASF Creator Space generates solutions for Organic waste Management for the city of Mumbai

21st  January, 2015:  BASF’s Creator Space™ at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Mumbai, brought together officials of Mumbai and Pune municipal corporation, environmental activists, CPCB, State Pollution Boards, Hotels, Food Chains, Retailers, NGOs, waste management experts, Soil  experts, Agriculturists, interested citizens of Mumbai etc.  to discuss  and find solutions to organic waste management for the city of Mumbai.

The format of the discussion was such that the participants jammed and brainstormed on a particular challenge, for example - ‘How can we systematically collect and compost wet waste in compostable/biodegradable carry bags, thereby improving soil quality and ensuring food for tomorrow?’ to generate new ideas and models on how can we remove behavioral issue, infrastructure issue or policy issue to have a proper waste management setup in India in general and Mumbai in specific. Each group had representation from different stakeholders such as NGO’s, Municipal corporations, corporates, industries, students working on solutions cohesively.

A few of the solutions presented included a separate autonomous profit making centralized agency managing waste, compulsory composting and organic farming for each society, use of innovative self- segregation equipments, mass awareness of segregation and management of waste etc,

“It was a great opportunity where we learnt a lot about solid waste management, discussed about best practices being used in different cities with experts from different entities participating in this co-creation exercise. This will also help us to also contribute to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan led by the Prime Minister of India”, said Dr Ratna Jain (Ex-Kota, Mayor)

I personally feel there should be a collaborative effort with different stakeholders such as corporates, media, societies and citizens coming together and finding solutions to waste management for each ward in the city. This will help us overcome the prime challenges of population and space faced by our city”, said Seema Redkar, Advanced Locality Management Officer, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Some prominent participants included:

1) Ms. Almitra Patel - Env Activists
2) Ragini Jain - Env Activists
3) Dr Ratna Jain (Ex-Kota, Mayor)
4) Dr. Sunil Nigam (Sr. Scientist - CPCB)
5) Ms. Aparna (Swach, Pune)
6) ITC Hotel
7) Meluha Hotel
8) Cadbury - Packaging Incharge
9) Stri Mukti Sangathana
10) Dr. Maley   - Env Activists
11) Mr. Rishi Agarwal (Observer Research Foundation)

BASF will soon present the suggested ideas focusing on the tangible solutions that can be taken forward to the concerned authorities.

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