Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GIA presents internationally reputed course in Jewelry Design in Mumbai

Consumers today often seek out exclusive jewellery pieces to reflect their personal style. With design playing an important role in the dynamics of retail jewellery, skilled and innovative designers who can translate their visions into reality are in high demand.

According to some statistics, the domestic gems and jewellery industry had a market size of INR 251,000 Cr in 2013, with a potential to grow to INR 500,000–530,000 Cr by 2018. A large portion of this growth is attributed to the increase in demand for branded and designer jewellery. 

While the industry is growing, the supply of designers is yet to meet the surging demand. As compared to the UK, which has over 250,000 designers, China and Taiwan that boast of a population of over 150,000 designers each, India still has only around 4,500–5,000 skilled jewellery designers. It is hardly a surprise then that a recent survey indicated jewellery design to be the most sought after career by 2017.

Jewellery designers utilize creativity and imagination to translate design concepts into beautiful pieces of jewellery. And design courses help aspiring designers prepare for a career in the gem and jewellery industry. GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world’s foremost authority on gems and jewellery, offers education programmes that help students develop their skills and focus their creativity.

GIA is a global non-profit institute known as the “Harvard of Gems and Jewellery”. GIA offers industry recognised courses in gemmology, jewellery design, retail sales, merchandising and more. It also offers students services, placement assistance and alumni networking opportunities. 

GIA India will be conducting the Jewelry Design course in Mumbai from 13th Nov 2014 to 16th Jan 2014.

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