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Mumbai, INDIA, Nov. 3, 2014 – Pearson VUE is offering a free interactive workshop exploring the different levels of convenience offered by computer-based testing (CBT) for exam candidates to reduce exam-taker anxiety and help maximise performance.

Computer-based testing (CBT) now offers distinct advantages over the traditional 2000-year-old testing model where huge groups of candidates gather in an exam hall on a particular day for a pen and paper-based test. The advent of CBT in India means that busy professionals who do not have the time to travel to a city centre on a particular day can now book their exam online within a “test window” on a particular day that suits them within a range of dates, or even on-demand where they can choose any date.

Exams can be booked at local test centres outside cities with CBT, providing greater geographic reach for candidates who would previously have had to travel at their own expense to take the test. A free webinar hosted by experts from global CBT leader Pearson VUE will explore candidate convenience considerations.

Divyalok Sharma, Director of Client Development at Pearson VUE, said: “CBT can offer a flexible solution for both the test taker and the test sponsor and it also means less anxiety for candidates because they can easily book and re-book their tests. There are some misconceptions that we are keen to dispel. For example, just because a company provides CBT exams, that does not necessarily mean they offer the level of candidate convenience Pearson VUE does in terms of providing on-demand testing at local centres.

“This webinar provides an opportunity to analyse how and why candidate convenience is an increasing priority within the industry and how this has been successfully implemented around the world to provide a more flexible service.”

Pearson VUE will be hosting a free webinar, Making the mark: How candidate convenience can improve your testing success, on 26th November at 4:30pm IST. To register, please visit the website: www.pearsonvueindia.com/webinar

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