Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First Look Out of ‘’ HER STORY ‘’

Life is all about finding peace and tranquility. Since times immemorial man has tried to find peace and solace in love. Love knows no barriers. Be they the barriers of caste, space, religion or age.
Her Story  is the story of a young girl ‘Kim’ who takes A fancy for Rahul. He is double her age. Though unmarried yet he is Into a relationship with “Laila”. Kim is however unconcerned about laila and their relationship. Later, Kim sees a threat in Laila and wants to get rid of her. She is willing to go to any length to fulfill her desire. There is a thin dividing line between desire and insanity and she is willing to cross this line.
Is everything really fair in love and war? Is self consuming passion desirable?
Her Story tries to explore the human psyche to understand the nuances of such delicate relations…

 The film stars Rahul Roy, Riya Sahota and Shradha, Rana Jung Bahadur, Birbal, Johny Nirmal, Rajan, Janvi, Neha Joshi and Prithvi Zutshi. Cinematography  and Directed by Triloki Choudhry, Written by Rajan Sabarwal, Choreography by Harshal-Vithal & Domnic Alvarez, Action by Shamim, Lyrics by Govind Moonis Music & Edited by Sunill Kh

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