Thursday, September 25, 2014

Head & Shoulders Brand Ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan

Head & Shoulders Brand Ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan says “I refuse to go short because Saif loves my long luscious hair”

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan advises couples to stay well groomed with no hairfall and dandruff to feel confident and keep the spark alive

Mumbai, 24th September, 2014: Bollywood diva and Head & Shoulders loyalist Kareena Kapoor Khan was seen sharing her personal experiences with beau Actor Saif Ali Khan and revealed secrets about what instantly drew her towards him. She disclosed Saif’s love for her long hair and her first romantic moment with him while shooting for Tashan.

Speaking of her association with Head & Shoulders Kareena said, “Often people miss out on how hairfall and dandruff could be seen between couples in a relationship. It’s a turnoff for both men and women when they see flakes of dandruff and hair lying around. Long, flowing hair is my USP and maintaining it can be tough for an actress. Saif loves my long luscious hair and I can only have long hair if I have no hair fall guaranteed by H&S anti-hairfall. I love it when Saif tells me that my hair looks beautiful & enjoys touching them. I have been using Head & Shoulders for more than a decade and it keeps my scalp healthy and clean further rescuing hair from the damage caused by modern lifestyles. H&S anti-hairfall for women and Hair Retain for Men give up to 100% dandruff free forever and up to 95% less hair fall* Making an effort to know how you look definitely rewards in different aspects of life.

I would like to encourage people to give ample attention to their hair in order to avoid any embarrassing moments while spending quality time with loved ones which can be caused due to hairfall and dandruff. I also urge men and women to go all out this festive season and play with their hair without lack of confidence & fear of hairfall as your look isn’t complete without the perfect hair.”

Speaking of her personal instances she added, “I always thought Saif was one of the best looking men I had come across, but we weren’t friends till we started working on Tashan. What instantly drew me to him was his sense of humor and love for adventure. We went on a motorcycle ride through the countryside and I think I surprised him by asking if I could go along. Imagine if I would have had hair fall when sitting close to him on a bike, it would of course have been a turn-off.”

Head & Shoulders with its new campaign “Pyaar mein No Side Effects” took up an initiative to bring people closer and relive their special moments without lack of confidence or ruined moments which can often be caused due to dandruff and eventually hair fall. The idea behind the campaign was to understand the physical and emotional phenomenon of hairfall and the effect it has on the youth today because hair plays a key role in the overall look and appearance of a person. 

Renowned Psychologist and Relationship Expert Dr. Samir Rawat said,A bad hair day can often make you feel less attractive resulting in foiling special moments between loved ones. Hairfall and dandruff today are extremely common hair woes and often act as spoilers during one’s special moment. Hair fall seen on the pillow or lying on the floor is a major turnoff for men and visible flakes of dandruff make women cringe.”

As a part of the campaign couples came together with Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan to share and relive their moments which were ruined due to hairfall and lack of grooming. The gorgeous actress Kareena as the grooming expert to these couples shared the significance of being well groomed for one another alongside sharing tips on how to avoid hairfall and dandruff in order to avoid ruined romantic moments. The actress interacted with couples on stage who were seen sharing their embarrassing moments due to hairfall and gave tips on how to save such situations in future and what she would have done if she was in their place.

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