Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iskcon Food Relief Foundation

Iskcon Food Relief Foundation to expand operations in association with TATA Steel

New Delhi, August 2014Iskcon Food Relief Foundation, one of the largest mass vegetarian meal programmes plans to expand their operations in various regions of India with the extended and zealous effort of the TATA group in the next 1 year.

They foresee expansion in Jharkand, Ranchi, Ooty and Orissa (Jhanjharpur region) as well as serve over 14 lakhs individuals in the coming 2 years. Annamrita, incepted in 2004, with the motto of creating a hunger-free world, they started off by serving nearly 500 children, which today has reached a staggering number of 12 lakhs.

The firm has over 20 central kitchens with complete facilities spread in over 8 states. One of the major reasons of starting this programme was to give children a better future, decrease the rising number of malnutrition cases and social empowerment.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Iskcon ensures to bring relief and peace in numerous lives thereby giving them a chance to lead their respective lives in the right direction and live healthy too. International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), incepted in 1974, has been implementing Food for Life Programme, which is arguably the largest free vegetarian meal programme in the world. Its Indian arm,ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) is registered under The Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, with its head office located at Hare Krishna Land, Juhu, Mumbai.

With the unwavering support from TATA Steel, Iskcon Food relief foundation has also been serving individuals in Jamshedpur since 2010 with nutritious mid day meals. Implementing the unique PPP model, with the Government of Jharkhand, Tata steel Ltd and Iskcon Food Relief Foundation, joined hands in 2010 to start a Mid day meal Kitchen at Jamshedpur. Iskcon with TATA Steel has been living up to the promise of bringing a huge change numerous lives, over 65,000 children are being fed with proper nutrition which is a huge achievement in itself.

Cooking on latest available modern equipments,  advanced technology, even to the extent of cleaning of Rice by computerised  colour sorter shows the zealous efforts of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation. This dream has been realised due to the generosity and far sightedness of Tata Steel Ltd, Truly values stronger than steel.

Mr. Sanjay Tikku, Director, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation says,” We have been serving children in Jharkhand for the past 3 years. Our wish is to expand this network as much as possible and aid the development of children’s health and education to give them a better future. We wish to open up such central kitchens in all districts of Jharkhand in the coming times.”

Iskcon ensures to bring relief and peace in numerous lives thereby giving them a chance to lead their respective lives in the right direction and live healthy too. They ensure the use of the latest technology in serving hygienic meals which has been a huge step forward in the direction of creating a hunger-free world.

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