Saturday, June 14, 2014

This father’s day its time to gift your dad a youthful makeover (Father’s Day – 15th June, 2014)

This father’s day its time to gift your dad a youthful makeover
(Father’s Day – 15th June, 2014)

Expressing gratitude and love for your father was never so “glamorous” and “different” This Father’s Day you can do it in style and pamper your dad by gifting him a whole new makeover. 

Says Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, Consultant Dermatologist, The Skin Clinic, Mumbai
For years terms like “perfection and desire” have been associated with women, but not anymore. Men in metro cities have grown new found love for cosmetic correction techniques to enhance their “Macho figure”.
Deepak Sharma, an engineer living in Mumbai who has achieved everything that he hopes for to make his father proud with gifted a youthful makeover to him. Not only Deepak, children in metro cities are going for this unique gift on the occasion of father day.
The urban crowd has witnessed a visible change in the acceptance of cosmetic treatments like Botox. If your father has been fretting about the creases on your forehead, wrinkles near his eyes, droopy eye-brows, shape the jaw line then he should not waste anymore time, get the perfect look at the earliest.
These days’ people have become very conscious about their looks. Everybody wants to have perfect glow, they want to have the perfect lines and curves. Not only women, even men have become very particular about their looks.

In the recent past, we have seen a visible change. Men have become very choosy when it comes to their appearance, may that be clothes or physically. Everybody wants to leave a long lasting impact on the other person.
Men mostly get worried about their forehead lines, wrinkles, fading glow with age. With Father’s Day just round the corner we are receiving calls from children who want to gift different cosmetic treatments to their fathers.
A simple and efficient non-surgical treatment with dermal filler and Botox can give you a crisp, clean look without the sting and swelling. Fillers such as Juverderm are hyaluronic acid based gels.

It keeps the skin hydrated and makes it look youthful. It takes only a quarter of an hour. A scar less, hassle free and near painless procedure is worth trying out.

The newer, fresher and fuller results post filler treatment last up to an entire year. All gain and no pain is the mantra. Since, the treatment is completely non-surgical, there is not a chance that one may end up getting a scar or mark of any kind.

Experts have also come up with certain crèmes and gel based products which would help you to look “young and perfect”. The other instant result treatments are skin lightening lasers and skin brightening anti-aging peels.

Appreciation and acceptance is what a human nature craves for, and they are willing to go out of their way to achieve it.

So, if you have been thinking about gifting your dad a correction treatment to iron out his forehead wrinkles and fine lines don’t waste anymore time. Just go for it.

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