Friday, June 20, 2014

Double Delight for Abhijeet Panse's 'REGE'

Marathi Film Industry is set to witness history in the month of August when an immensely successful director will be ready to present the film of another director. We are talking about 'B-P' and 'Timepass' fame Ravi Jadhav who is present ing 'Rege' which is produced and directed by Abhijit Panse. In Hindi film industry we have witnessed many such successful collaboration in the past when Kiran Rao (Ship of Theseus), Karan Johar (The Lunchbox), Anurag Kashyap presented another directors' film. However, This will be the first time in Marathi Film industry when a successful filmmaker will be presenting another maker's film out of the love for this fascinating medium.
After TP, Ravi Jadhav to present ‘Rege’
After creating history at box office with his last film ‘Timepass’ (TP), producer-director Ravi Jadhav is now all set to enter into a new role that of a presenter. He has decided to present the upcoming Marathi film ‘Rege’ which will be releasing on 15th August.
While the concept of presenter in not new in the Hindi film industry where many stalwarts such as Karan Johar (The Lunchbox), Kiran Rao (The Ship of Theseus ), Anurag Kashyap (Peddler, The World before her) presenting films of other directors, this is for the first time, Marathi industry will see a successful director presenting another director’s film. ‘Rege’ is written, directed and produced by debutant Abhijit Panse. It saw its world premiere in Mumbai International Film Festival (Mami) last year where it was among 8 Indian films selected in prestigious ‘New Faces in Indian Cinema’ segment. It was also selected for Pune International Film Festival (Piff), South Africa International Film Festival and Mauritius Film Festival where it received overwhelming response from the world audience.
It was at recently concluded Goa Film Festival where Ravi Jadhav saw the film and was mighty impressed with the response the film got from the audience. ‘I decided then and there to be part of this wonderful film in a capacity of presenter,’ Ravi said. He adds, “Such films need a solid backing in terms of marketing and promotional techniques to reach the wider audience. ‘Rege’ is a powerful film and extremely important from the point of view of today’s youth. I thought I can use the following that I have because of the success of my films ‘Balak-Palak’ and ‘Timepass’ and also my experience in advertising field.”
Commenting on Ravi Jadhav coming on board, Abhijit Panse says, “it’s a huge moral booster not only for me but for the entire industry. Seldom do you see a successful director backing another director’s film in such a wholehearted manner. Ravi’s tremendous success, his expertise in marketing & advertising and his hold over today’s young audience will definitely add tremendous value to the film.”
He goes on to add, “The ‘police-underworld nexus’ or ‘encounter’ genre has been done to death, especially in bollywood with films like ‘Satya’ and ‘company’. Though these films are considered realistic, they are not. They glorify and stylize characters and events which take away the realistic quotient considerably. Having been familiar with the workings of police department as well as underworld, I can confidently claim that you have never witnessed as realistic a film as ‘Rege’ on Indian screen as far as this genre is concerned. The film has all real life experiences. I have even used real names like Pradeep Sharma, Sachin Waze or D.K. to give the film much required authenticity.”
‘Rege’ stars Mahesh Manjrekar, Pushkar Shrotri, Santosh Juvekar, Aaroh velankar and many other from solid theater background in pivotal roles. Cinematography has been done by Mahesh Limaye, while background score has been composed by ‘Black’ and ‘Saawariya’ fame Monty Sharma. Apart from accolades at international film festivals, the film has won numerous awards in direction, screenplay and editing category in Zee Gaurav and Prabhat awards. It is slated to release on 15th August.

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