Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ApartmentADDA Holds Water Resource Management Workshop,

ApartmentADDA Holds Water Resource Management Workshop, Gets State
Administration, Subject Matter Experts and Citizens Together For The Cause
(‘Rise High’ award for recycling sewage water into drinking water bestowed on TZed

Bangalore, 21 June, 2014 - Housing society management portal ApartmentADDA organized a workshop
on water resource management and recycling waste water to make societies self-sufficient, in Bangalore
on Saturday. Minister of Transport, Government of Karnataka, Ramalinga Reddy inaugurated the
workshop held at The Energy Research Centre (TERI).
The workshop was a unique initiative towards effective water management that brought housing
societies, city administration (BWSSB), Subject Matter Experts and Builders together to find solution for
the burgeoning water crisis.
Engineer-in-chief BWSSB, Mr. T Venkataraju talked about the challenges in supplying Water to Bangalore
with a population growing disproportionately to road infrastructure, width of road is important when it
comes to efficient State Water Supply as well as Sewage.
On the occasion, TZed Homes apartment complex won the ‘Rise High’ award for being 100% Self-Sufficient
with Water – by using Rain Water Harvesting, and Sewage Treatment for potable Water. They do not need
water supply from the state. Per ApartmentADDA, they are the first Apartment Complex in India to be
generating potable water from sewage.
The event also saw the Builder of TZed Homes sit in the panel with the Management Committee Members
of TZed Homes, and discuss why more Builders are not providing sustainability as a feature in Apartment
Communities. Greater Awareness needs to be present among Buyers. He said “How many Buyers ask what
is the number of houses are built per Acre in the property they are buying. What are the Water Supply
sources for all those Houses? How can the Property be self-sufficient? More Buyers need to demand
Sustainability writ Natural Resources, as a Feature in their Homes”
Water Management Experts Dr.Ananth (Author of The STP Guide and an authority on STP Design and
Operation), S.Vishwanath (Advisor of Arghyam) clarified technical issues related to STP, Bore wells and
Rain Water Harvesting.
Enriching Case studies on Water Metering, Rainwater Harvesting and Sewage Treatment – to the extent
of Portability from various Apartment Complexes were highly appreciated by the Participants.
Sangeeta Banerjee of ApartmentADDA said, “As Apartment Living grows in India, unique challenges
associated with it grows as well. With more Apartment Complexes being built in City outskirts with nascent
Infrastructure with respect to Water and Waste Management, Apartment Communities can’t completely
depend on the Government for these basic needs. They need to look closer home on their Water and
Waste Management. Through these workshops, ApartmentADDA does its bit by bringing its customers-
Housing Societies together in one room with Subject Matter Experts, Builders and State Government.”
About ApartmentADDA:
ApartmentADDA is the brainchild of Sangeeta Banerjee and Venkat Kandaswamy engineers qualifications
and experience in ERP consultancy and high performance web solutions. The idea to develop such a
unique model came to them when the couple shifted to a new apartment in Bangalore and faced all
society related issues from water to maintenance. Juggling job, personal life and society related issues
was a difficult task. This is when they realized that residential constructions in India needed an efficient
society management portal and ApartmentADDA was born.
Website: www.apartmentadda.com

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