Friday, June 27, 2014

93.5 RED FM’s initiative in its 5th edition meets city doctors

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It’s the Doctors who are Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes
93.5 RED FM’s initiative in its 5th edition meets city doctors  
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Mumbai, 26th June 2014 – For any individual, the one-man army or the go-to person in times of medical crises is the Doctor. With this in mind, 93.5 RED FM’s RJ Rishi Kapoor set out to felicitate the Doctors for their ceaseless efforts; at the Indian Medical Association in Juhu today, for his show’s prominent campaign “Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes”.
RJ Rishi Kapoor and the RED FM team interacted with over a 100 doctors who were in attendance for the event. The enthusiastic participants were elated to have a “live-radio show” at their premises which offered them a much-needed break from their routine. They discussed various facets of their work lives and spoke about the great responsibility that automatically comes attached with their profession. Meanwhile, Rishi Kapoor kept them entertained with his wisecracks and played some fun-filled games too.  
Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi, Hon. Secretary IMA, Mumbai West, said, “We are often humbled by the appreciation and kind words showered by our patients who seem to equate us to “God”. That, however, compels us to be even more mindful of our duties and take pride in our profession. We are grateful to 93.5 RED FM for bestowing us with the title of ‘Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes’. Today’s event on behalf of 93.5 RED FM gave us a chance to take time out and share our thoughts in a jovial atmosphere.” 
RJ Rishi Kapoor added, “Not many may know that I am a practicing dentist by profession too. Being a doctor requires immense dedication, patience and integrity towards the field. The doctors do a great and altruistic service to humanity, which needs to be appreciated and brought out forth to people. Cheers to them!” 
About Red FM 
93.5 Red FM, India’s Largest Radio Network* has always believed in philosophy and attitude of ‘Bajaate Raho!’ along with a music strategy of playing only Super Hit music, based on the internationally successful CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) format. With a network of 50 stations across the country, we offer national presence but with a customized local flavour in each city. 
Red FM is known as the ‘Station for Expression’ to the common man and its famous tag line ‘Bajaate Raho!’ is already part of common parlance! One of the MOST AWARDED BRANDS in the industry, Red FM boasts of over 128 awards including the award for the BEST FM BRAND, BEST FM STATION, BEST RJs, etc. 
*93.5 Red FM is joint marketing and sales initiative of the participating independent radio companies for bringing one window advertising/marketing solutions to clients/advertisers by leveraging the reach of their respective radio station(s) and other media assets.

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