Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rena Love unveils the Summer Closet-

Rena Love unveils the Summer Closet-

Rena Love, the novel brand in the fashion circuit introduces its summer wardrobe. Comprising a plethora of designer apparels in vogue, this fresh closet is a gift of grace. The elegant collection raises the parameters of style as the new season unveils itself.

Bidding the spring adieu & welcoming the summer, fashion squads at Rena Love have crafted their outfits embracing the fashionista. The essential fibres- cotton, cotton silk, silk, and linen, intricate with hand embroidery make the apparels an absolute comfort wear.

The brand serving the best fashion ensemble, upholds a pastel palette imbued with shades of emerald, sapphire, and subtle hues for its extensive collection that are customised to fit all body types. With a firm idea to serve the day-to-day fashion marathon, this high street designer team treasures a significant count of shirts, dresses, jump suits, t-shirts, crop tops, trendy skirts and designer bottoms. 

Rena Love, the new trend tale promises to transform the world of couture and spread its enigmatic hues all over. With a few steps ahead of the style industry, the brand offers comfort that transforms desires into reality.

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