Friday, May 30, 2014

‘C.B. Murarka Charitable Trust’ – Touching Hearts, Changing Lives

‘C.B. Murarka Charitable Trust’ – Touching Hearts, Changing Lives

Aneel Murarka, Managing Director of Mirachem Industries is a man on a mission. Known to be extremely passionate about students’ welfare and education, he is the man who offers solutions to knotty problems. A man who always goes the extra mile for things he believes in, Aneel is indeed the wind beneath the wings of events.

Kashi Murarka, Manish Murarka and Aneel Murarka of ‘C.B. Murarka Charitable Trust’ are instrumental in building a crematorium, `Shivdham’ in Goregaon (E), Mumbai, rated as one of the best crematoriums in Maharashtra, equipped with the best of facilities for performing last rites of the departed. It also conducts funerals free of cost for the dead on behalf of families who cannot afford to perform the last rites; and many other acts of humanity.

‘Narayani Seva Sansthan’, at Narayani Dham, Lonavala is one such outstanding institution where Aneel’s family is doing charity through the C.B. Murarka Charitable Trust. The Trust is one of such organizations along with other reputed people of society which has developed Narayani Dham years ago. This initiative started by Aneel’s father, Kashiprasad Murarka is very close to his heart. The Narayani Dham, trust is involved in organizing free medical and eye checkup camps to the needy on a regular basis. They also do distribution of food grains, utensils and clothing to the Aadivasi community living in that area. ‘Narayani Seva Sansthan,’ which is having a famous ‘Mandir,’ a huge community hall attached with 60 plus rooms for the visitors is busy throughout the year and booked much in advance for wedding ceremonies and cultural events. ‘Narayani Seva Sansthan,’ trust also helps the needy by providing books, computer coaching, stitching classes, training for musical students and more.

“It gives me immense satisfaction when I extend a helping hand to the needy. Doing something for the society through the C.B. Murarka Charitable Trust is extremely satisfying and it is our way of giving back to the society in a humble way,” says Aneel. “One should find little time to help make life better for other people. That’s why we are called human beings,” he adds.

Aneel’s Mirachem Industries has also instituted the Smt. Meenadevi Kashiprasad Murarka Trophies for supporting literary and cultural activities in colleges across Mumbai.

His involvement with NGOs and social work is a sign of his desire to work across the various strata of society, bring relief to the under privileged, to those living below the poverty line and to the challenged.

An industrialist, socialite and philanthropist, Aneel is an ardent and doting father. He takes a keen interest in his son’s education and is a hands-on parent, spending time on a day-to-day basis. A fitness freak, he loves playing sports such as squash and cricket.

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