Thursday, April 17, 2014

Give me that diva-like look with Botox and Juvederm

Give me that diva-like look with Botox and Juvederm
Dr. Indu Tolani, Dermatologist, New Delhi
    How many college girls look into the mirror ruefully with a desire to get the perfectly pouty lips of desi girl Priyanka Chopra? How many young ones long to have fluffy high cheekbones like Kareena Kapoor? They seem to be perfect beauties, with their faces crafted to perfection. But, what if somebody was to tell you that you too can easily get those features?
    In fact, a number of young girls and women are visiting beauty clinics and cosmetologists and dermatologists like us with their ultimate wish – to have a feature like their favorite on screen diva. While it’s natural to wish so, a lot of women, empowered by awareness and purchasing power are increasingly adding wings to their desires.
    With the availability of Botox and dermal fillers like Juvederm, a lot of these facial changes, often referred to as countering and augmentation, can be achieved easily and with little trouble. You walk into a beauty clinic and walk out after a few sessions a transformed figure, much like what you desired.
   Often there are wannabe models and actresses who come to perfect their faces, but there is no dearth of middle class girls who are not seeking a career in the glamour industry and yet desire the perfect look. Some say they desire to look beautiful at a friend’s wedding, others say they are want to look good at the college farewell party. Some others, desiring to make careers in the field of media or as air hostesses too understand the importance of looking good.
     Some women may have a perfectly well defined nose, beautiful eyes and enviable features. But for  those thin lips. Lips are one of the most sensuous features on a face. Of course, having attractive lips is something everyone craves for. Women who come seeking lip augmentation set high standards. Angelina Jolie lips are a rage, so are those of Priyanka Chopra. Some come asking for Katrina Kaif’s pout.
Kareena Kapoor is the bar when it comes to cheeks while a lot of women want eyebrow shapes like Shilpa Shetty’s.

How we give them what they want?
Thanks to dermal fillers like Juvederm, we can enhance and plump up lips that are thin and unnoticeable. Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers can be used to add volume to the lips, to improve border definition of the lips, and to create a more beautifully defined Cupid's bow. In Rs 20,000-25000, you can have just the pout you wanted .

   While a lot of older women in whom the lips have over time lost volume take this treatment, it can also be used to remarkably reshape and give volume to lips in younger women.
Thicker dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma can be used for giving more volume to the face and adding volume at the right place to enhance the cheeks. A few sessions and you can get just the right cheeks, much like Kareena.
   To shape eyebrows like Shilpa Shetty’s, Botox is used intelligently. The treatment known as the Botox brow lift if another popular one among women today. It can be done roughly in around Rs 3000-9000. However, the caveat is to go to the right doctor who has expertise and the right skill.  The treatments are easy to take as no special care is required, there might be a light swelling or bruising but it settles down in a matter of 4-5 days which is the down time for the treatment”.

As for what it does to the seekers, it is both physical and mental. Not only they go back looking much more beautiful and attractive, their confidence is boosted like anything. What is a person has all her life hated her nose, suddenly get a perfectly well shaped one, enhancing the beauty of her facial features. Moreover, the skin texture also improves if one goes in for these procedures regularly.
Gone are the days when women used to return from movie theaters looking for the dress that Waheeda Rehman wore in their favourite song, or a hairstyle that Sadhna sported in her latest film. Today, women demand more. And they have every right to get it.

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