Friday, March 14, 2014

School bags landing your child in deep orthopedic trouble

School bags landing your child in deep orthopedic trouble
         Dr.Rajeev K Sharma,Orthopedic surgeon,Indraprastha Hospital,New Delhi.
Your child might be eating all right, sleeping well and will be cheerful boy ever. Yet, the unlikely trigger for your child health problems could be the school bag he carrier every day. School bags indeed have a major influence on health. Your child might be carrying uneven load which can cause back pain, major spine misalignment or strain injury of the neck.

School children are suffering from orthopedic problems and doctors are witnessing a paradigm shift in the age group that is suffering from backaches. There are several health hazards that your child might be facing-

houlder: Carrying a heavy or uneven school bag leads to an imbalance in posture. Due to constant load and pressure the muscles and nerves near neck are severely strained. If proper care is not taken it can lead to various orthopedic hazards.
Back: If your child keeps on carrying heavy school bags the soft tissues will end up with injuries or posture problem. Carrying bags weighing more than 2 kgs on a regular basis can result in muscle pain and spine problems.
Neck: when the school bags are heavy, the neck naturally leans away from the load, this causes tension on the carrying side of the neck and compression on the opposite the weight.

Legs: carrying a heavy bag will make your child walk differently and the changes forces act through the skeletal system, which could cause him problem.
Carry it right: a weight between 1.8 kgs is fine for your child and even you can reduce it to 1.5 kgs. Bag should be with two shoulder strap and guide your child to use both of them every time to balance the weight. This will lead to proper weight distribution on neck. Shoulder and back.

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