Saturday, March 29, 2014

93.5 Red FM’s 4th edition of Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes ‘gets posted’!

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93.5 Red FM’s 4th edition of Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes ‘gets posted’!
RJ Rishi Kapoor meets with Mumbai Postmen

Mumbai, 28th March 2014 – Mail received! 93.5 Red FM’s Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes is back! And, in its 4th edition, the unassuming and hard working Postmen of Mumbai have been lauded for their ceaseless efforts. RJ Rishi Kapoor set out to felicitate them and indulge in some fun with the Mumbai Postmen at the Dadar Head Post Office today.

RJ Rishi Kapoor interacted with the Postmen and inquired about their routine. They shared funny and heartening anecdotes with him, who was touched by their warmth and generosity. The postmen spoke about the various kinds of people that they came across, but lamented the fact that the art of writing letters is dying with the instant alternatives offered by technology. They had vivid stories of how letters delivered by them helped bring families/friends/strangers together.

Ms. Simran Kaur, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices of Mumbai East Division, Department of Posts said, “We are very thankful to 93.5 Red FM for considering us ‘Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes’. A ‘thank you’ or a ‘glass of water’ while delivering letters make us smile. With your initiative today we looked back at many such moments collectively.”

Adding on, RJ Rishi Kapoor said, “I, too, am a part of the email, Facebook, WhatsApp generation now; but I’ve written quite a few letters growing up. The warmth of writing and receiving a letter can never be diminished, and then there are so many other functions of our postal services. They bring people closer. Kudos to them!”

About Red FM

93.5 Red FM, India’s Largest Radio Network* has always believed in philosophy and attitude of ‘Bajaate Raho!’ along with a music strategy of playing only Super Hit music, based on the internationally successful CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) format. With a network of 50 stations across the country, we offer national presence but with a customized local flavour in each city.

Red FM is known as the ‘Station for Expression’ to the common man and its famous tag line ‘Bajaate Raho!’ is already part of common parlance! One of the MOST AWARDED BRANDS in the industry, Red FM boasts of over 115 awards including the award for the BEST FM BRAND, BEST FM STATION, BEST RJs, etc.

*93.5 Red FM is joint marketing and sales initiative of the participating independent radio companies for bringing one window advertising/marketing solutions to clients/advertisers by leveraging the reach of their respective radio station(s) and other media assets

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