Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome this Valentine’s with Tangerine Home Couture’s romantic designer collection

Welcome this Valentine’s with Tangerine Home Couture’s romantic designer collection 

Tangerine Home Couture, a boutique designer brand of home décor solutions offers unique gifting options 

It’s that month of the year again where you wish to dancing to the rhythms of romantic tunes, read out the love struck quotes or pondering on the clichéd gifting options. Opt for something unconventional and innovative for the special someone this time around. A surprise makeover for your room with refreshing colour co-ordinated home decor collection by Tangerine Home Couture, a designer home décor boutique,
is sure to make your loved one feel special.
A niche offering by Indian Home Variations, Tangerine Home Couture, brings a fashionable bed linen and accessories that complement the luxury lifestyle. With innovative thematic stories and colour coordinated designs you could enhance the ambience of your homes making it a sweet Valentine surprise.  The refreshing Midnight Rouge and Fete Collection offered by Tangerine promise the vibrancy and passion with which you can celebrate the season of romance innovatively.

Tangerine’s romantic delights:

Spice up your room with a tinge of sensual appeal with the wonderful offerings by Tangerine. The collection comprises of a chic array of bed sheets, comforters, duvets, pillow cases and even products like towels, napkins and shower curtains along with bed and bath products. The Midnight Rouge Collection has the new colours for love, it is flirtatious and contemporary, and they describe the new age romance most appropriately.  It’s Valentines with a twist. The Fete Collection range is constantly updated in accordance with the latest fashion trends and colours to create a different look and feeling. It features a myriad of moods associated with every celebration or festive occasion.

For the special someone or going solo!

Love begins in the eyes and a visual delight to please the eyes for ones lover is important. Gone are the days of gifting candies and cards, it’s the novelty in the thought that matters nowadays. It’s best if you can personalize a gift literally by tailor-making it for your sweetheart. A room decorated by you with Tangerine’s sensual designs weaving the story of romance would be an instant winner. Even a plain home accessory would enchant your ‘special someone’ into the spirit of love and longing. But what if you're single?  Don't wallow in loneliness.  Turn your jaded view of Black Hearts' Day into a special pampering occasion.  Buy yourself some of the most intriguing room accessories and add a refreshing appeal to your monotonous room décor.

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