Tuesday, February 18, 2014

R&M Packs Even More Optic Fibers in Street Cabinets

R&M Packs Even More Optic Fibers in Street Cabinets

High density platform supports up to 1728 splice connections in one outdoor distributor / Solution for the expansion of FTTH networks
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BANGALORE, India - February 17, 2014

R&M, Swiss cabling specialist, has developed a new generation of street cabinets with high-density capabilities inside. Up to 50 percent more fiber optic connections can now be accommodated in the usual sized housing. This new generation is called the HD SCM street cabinet. HD stands for "High Density". SCM stands for "Single Circuit Management", a tray system R&M developed for connecting, distributing and managing a large number of optic fibers in a tiny space.

The HD SCM street cabinet has space for as many as 1728 splice connections. That is a world record in this segment. Up to 120 conduits with fiber optic cables can be drawn into the distribution cabinet. The conduits are fixed in place with a single click in a newly developed strain relief device. This technology saves the use of cable ties and screw connections.

Fiber optic cabling is growing day by day. The expansion of broadband networks is progressing continuously. Network operators have to house increasing numbers of fibers in their nodes and distribution points in order to provide full-coverage "Fiber to the Home" (FTTH) service. This situation impacts outdoor distributors, especially the street-side cabinets. In many cases, they cannot be expanded at will when there is an increase in the number of cables.

Quick assembly is a crucial criterion for R&M when it comes to saving time for network operators. That is why all components in the distributor platform can be mounted and retrofitted with a few flicks of the wrist. The splice area can be swiveled out like a collapsible table, allowing users to work all around on the trays, splices and fiber management.

R&M offers the street cabinet in four different sizes and with variable possible uses. This approach allows a flexible adaptation to various infrastructures and cabling strategies or to special site conditions. Specific adaptations and individually pre-terminated SCM modules can be provided to accommodate special applications, proprietary standards and national specifications. The R&M platform supports blow-in and loose-tube cabling.

The minimum bending radius of 40 millimeters is one of the outstanding features of the SCM products. This stress-free radius minimizes attenuation losses in the fibers and facilitates easier handling during installation. That has a decisive effect on loss-free signal transmission over the long term. With the SCM System, R&M is the only supplier on the market to guarantee the 40-millimeter minimum bending radius throughout all network levels even in connection with a high packing density.

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About Reichle & De-Massari (R&M)
R&M is a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks. With its copper and fiber optic systems the company contributes significantly towards ensuring operational reliability in voice, data and image transmission - worldwide. As a systems provider R&M has set itself the target of developing optimum functionality and, above all, satisfying the highest quality criteria. R&M also provides maximum installation and maintenance convenience. R&M solutions stand out by virtue of their maximum availability combined with cost-effective network operation. R&M's high level of product quality and forward-looking system design ensure that the networks are sustainable and the investments safeguarded. R&M cabling solutions are used in office buildings and homes, by net-work operators and in industry. More information is available at www.rdm.com
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