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A unique “surf” charter on the luxury live-aboard “Infiniti” in the Andaman Islands to delight world’s surfing enthusiasts

A unique “surf” charter on the luxury live-aboard “Infiniti” in the Andaman Islands to delight world’s surfing enthusiasts
 Fully catered, hosted, guided 10-day surf trip
 Surf trip of a lifetime!
Mumbai, 20th January 2014: This April, the Infiniti live-aboard – a luxury super-yacht in the Andaman Islands will serve up a very special treat – an exclusive surf trip that will take surfers to the best waves & breaks in the Andaman Islands.
The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of 572 islands in the bay of Bengal of the Indian Ocean; a part of India. It is well known that Andaman Islands are a diver’s paradise – but it has been a secret that there are also amazing waves here that make it a surfer’s dream destination.
Surfing (a surface water sport in which the wave rider/surfer, rides (usually on a surfboard) on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore), is one of the oldest practiced sports on the planet. The art of wave riding, is a blend of total athleticism and the comprehension of the beauty and power of nature. Surfing is also one of the few sports that creates its own culture and lifestyle with surf music, fashion, visual arts, events, etc.
Even though waves break everywhere along a coast, good surf spots are rare. A surf break that forms great surfable waves may easily become a coveted commodity, especially if the wave only breaks there rarely.
The Andamans burst onto the surfing scene via Jack Johnson and Chris Malloy’s video opus Thicker Than Water, which featured the first known surf trip into the area after decades of government restrictions were finally lifted.
Earlier, a surfing adventure here meant a few days or arduous travel and budget accommodation – but now there is a chance to surf the exclusive waves in total comfort & luxury from a fully equipped, brand new live-aboard – the Infiniti.
The Infiniti ( is a RINA certified, high quality live-aboard fully equipped for a luxurious stay and sailing:
 Large 37m yacht with four decks
 All inside areas fully air conditioned
 Onboard kitchen with a dedicated chef
 Indoor lounge with entertainment, outdoor lounge, huge sundeck,
indoor dining
 Spacious rooms nicely furnished with supersize twin beds and
storage, picture windows with ocean views
 Ensuite bathrooms with hot water
The surf trip on the Infiniti has been finalized as a ten-day trip to the East & West
coast of Little Andaman, South Sentinel, Cinque & Twin islands from March 29th
to April 8th. It will be a catered, guided & hosted trip with expert surfers onboard
and delicious fresh meals served all day. As an extra, diving will also be available
including PADI courses (though the main focus will be surfing).
Surfing enthusiasts from all over India and the world are expected to travel to
the Andamans for the trip. Surfing is an extremely popular sport worldwide and
the surf industry is a billion dollar industry whose popularity as a recreational
sport has gained momentum in many coastal areas around the world over the
past decades.
Sunil Bakshi, founder of the Infiniti Live-aboard said,” We are really looking
forward to this trip, and to properly introduce the Andaman Islands to the
world’s surfing community. A key advantage here is that it’s a new, unexplored
and surely uncrowded destination so surfers can literally “own” their waves! And
with the Infiniti, they can really relax and enjoy the beauty of the Andaman
Islands too.”
For booking & itinerary details, please visit:
About INFINITI Live-aboard
The INFINITI is a high end, world class live-aboard with all premium attributes–
gorgeous aesthetics, unmatched comfort, uncompromising safety and exacting
engineering. Owned by Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd., it is India’s
first live-aboard, and one of the finest in Asia. At nearly 130 feet, the INFINITI is
huge; however, it is also exclusive. The number of guests sailing on board the
INFINITI at any one point of time will be limited, so as to keep the experience
special and intimate. Scuba diving enthusiasts will find the INFINITI a once-in-alifetime
experience, as it takes them to exotic underwater kingdoms resplendent
with beauty and life.
For more information, you can also visit: or follow
us on and twitter: @InfinitiDiving
About Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd.
Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based company with a mission to offer interesting and innovative opportunities in India’s travel & tourism sector. The company aims to open new ways to explore all that India has to offer to domestic as well as international tourists.
While India has a lot to offer to travellers, domestic & international, there has not been enough fresh thinking and creative initiatives to really tap into the country’s potential. Indians are going abroad for “active” holidays and even the international tourists are choosing destinations such as Thailand over India. Karina Tourism & Adventures aims to bridge that gap by introducing innovative initiatives in active holidays such as diving, surfing and more.

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  1. Live aboard for me is a once in a lifetime experience. If I have a chance to experience it, I will surely grab and enjoy that opportunity.