Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mokssh movie to be released on dec 27

Human life has always looked beyond what is visible. Faith,  a five letter word that embodies a thought process that links physical with the metaphysical. Nirvana or Moksh is the attainment of ultimate peace through enlightenment which starts with faith. Development of self into the supreme source of energy starts with the realization that we as individuals and even as a collective force of 6.5 billion humans are incredibly small in this universe.

Parth, a young and ambitious film director from Mumbai struggles with his career but in his struggles lies his confidence, his belief that success will surely come his way. His search for a potentially successful and path-breaking film makes him team up with Eric, a student of anthropology. Their subject, ‘WAARI’ is a religious pilgrimage which is collectively made by millions every single year in Maharashtra, India. Devotees walk for 18 days and cover 240 kilometers to meet their revered lord Krishna (Vithoba) The pilgrimage which has been going on for hundreds of years has kept pace with modern times but the core values remain the same as they did many centuries ago. 

The 18 days of journey are correlated to the 18 chapters of the Bhagwad Gita. The meaning of janm, the journey through Karm and the in the end Moksha. The film, through Parth, takes us on a exploratory trip which shows us the path that our soul seeks. Parth’s struggle with his conscience and with his friends and lover lead him eventually to a state of beliefParth forgets everything with just one darshan and realises that truth and righteousness lead us on the path where we will eventually merge with God himself. For it is the questions that lead to answers and sometimes answers are manifestations of nothing butfaith. Ahum and ahunkaar devolve when man understands and gives himself to AUM.
MOKSSH narrates a very real and modern love story on the same backdrop . Its not only spiritual, it gives direction to the youth of the modern world who is lost in greed, lust, ambition, it’s a realization that somewhere everyone is connected to their roots, culture. Beauty of relationships, humanity, and simplicity has been depicted and highlighted throughout the filmThe original version of this film was made in Marathi and it won 32 awards. We have now made the Hindi version so that the message of this divine light can be spread further and wider. 

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