Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Red Christmas at the Bigg Boss House!

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A Red Christmas at the Bigg Boss House!

RJ Malishka of 93.5 Red FM  makes contestants dance to her tunes

~Gets listeners to speak to their favourite contestants ~

Bajaate Raho! The Christmas special episode (25th December, 2013) of Bigg Boss 7 will witness the listeners of 93.5 RED FM speaking to the final 5 contestants. RJ Malishka gave listeners a chance to “Bajao” their favourite Bigg Boss 7 contestants in their own way as part of a Christmas special episode as Bigg Boss Season 7 reaches its exciting finale!

Malishka woke up the Bigg Boss 7 contestants with the RED FM jingle!

After winning immunity and securing a position in the finale, Sangram Singh had compared his other inmates to being “empty vessels that make most noise”. On being questioned further by Malishka, Sangram revealed funny and sarcastic names for his fellow contestants.

A listener asked Ejaz to propose to ‘Khan Sahab’ (Gauhar). He said they’re friends, and made a ‘maafi ka proposal’ instead.

To add to the festivities of Christmas, Malishka gave Bigg Boss contestants a task of dancing to a medley of songs played by 93.5 RED FM.  The task saw contestants switching partners after every song, and also swinging away to the RED FM jingle.

To know more about what the Bigg Boss 7 contestants spoke to Malishka and RED FM’s listeners, don’t forget to tune in to Colors on 25th December at 9pm!

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