Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Designer Shaahid Amir launched his festive collection with friends from Bollywood at Fizaa store

Designer Shaahid Amir launched his festive collection with friends from Bollywood at Fizaa store

Shaahid Amir planned to launch his new collection before Diwali as the festival is full of colours and happiness.He invited some 
his friends from business and Bollywood to see the new collection at Fizaa store at Juhu.
Iqbal Khan was the first to come for the event.
Shaahid has come up with the most interesting colour combinations and fabric choices which men can wear everyday or formally because of their comfort and colourful styles.On his collection of kurtas,
pajamas he concentrates on the pajamas more as 
they add panache,accentuate your form and define your character.
Sanjay Khan,Zarine Khan,Zayed Khan and Farha Ali Khan came to see the new collection.
Ameesha Patel came to wish Shaahid all the best.
Others who came were Bikram Saluja,Aakash Sagar,Sharon Prabhakar,Talat Aziz,
Wardha Nadiadwala
Bobby,Nigar Khan,
Joshua and Marianne Rao- the directors of PCI
Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor,Sadya Siddiqui and many more.Sh
 wife of Shaahid along with daughters Sama and Anam also came for the event.
Everyone took 
the new collection and appreciated the work and colour used by Shaahid.

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