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Toshiba brings stadium like experience to your home with the launch of WORLD’s FIRST[1] CRICKET MODE TV, co-created with the legendary cricketer – Sachin Tendulkar

Toshiba brings stadium like experience to your home with the launch of WORLD’s FIRST[1] CRICKET MODE TV,
co-created with the legendary cricketer – Sachin Tendulkar

L-R Mr. Amitabh Tiwari, VP-Sales & Marketing, Consumer Products, Toshiba-DS Division, Sachin Tendulkar, Mr. Sanjay Warke, Country Head Toshiba India - DS Division, launching Worlds 1st Cricket Mode TV

Launches 3 new series that let you Enjoy Every Bit of the stadium experience, without leaving the comfort of your home.

September 10, 2013; Mumbai: In a nation where Cricket is no less than a religion, Toshiba India has introduced the World’s First Cricket Mode LED TV series. The new Cricket Mode technology, co-created with the legendary cricketer and Toshiba’s brand Ambassador – Sachin Tendulkar, lets you ENJOY EVERY BIT in great detail. The richer colours, sharper details and crisper images delivered by Cricket Mode enhances the green of cricket field, the cracks on the cricket pitch & the fast moving cricket ball.
The Cricket Mode technology, introduced in the three new series – P2305, L2300 and the flagship L3300 series, elevate your sensory & viewing pleasure with the unmatched picture quality that produces life like sharp images with reduced motion blur and a powerful yet distortion free stadium like sound. Encased in a new corporate design identity featuring slimmer design with narrower bezel, the Cricket Series adorns legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s personalised signature on the bezel or the sound bar[2], that accentuates your stylish living space.
According to Mr. Sanjay Warke, Country Head, Toshiba India – DS Division, “Toshiba has a rich heritage of continuously bringing meaningful technology innovations that set new industry benchmarks. Imbibed in our DNA, our continued endeavour can be attributed to our passion to enhance our consumers’ lifestyle. It’s the same passion that Indian consumers exhibit in everything that they do, that resonates with our own brand philosophy. Taking our ‘meaningful innovations’ legacy forward, and celebrating our 1 million TV customers in India, we dedicate the World’s First Cricket Series TV to the millions of fans of cricket in India. Co-created with the one who knows the game best, I am delighted that Sachin Tendulkar agreed to be a part of this new Cricket Series, especially designed for India market.”
According to Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, legendary cricketer and Co-creator, Toshiba Cricket Mode technology, “Toshiba is a global leader in innovation and a pioneer in turning dreams into reality with their technologically advanced products. I am excited to see Toshiba bring in their expertise in creating a game changing product for the people of India. I am really delighted to join hands with them and be a part of this new innovation that offers a stadium like viewing experience to the game which is so momentous to the people of India.”

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Mr. Amitabh Tiwari, Vice President – Sales and Marketing for Consumer Products, Toshiba India – DS Division, stated, “Lifelike picture quality, distortion free high decibel sound, outstanding value and  striking designs that match your lifestyle add up to a TV viewing experience which is second to none.  We are continuing to push the envelope on innovation to give our customers richer colours, sharper details and crisper images coupled with a powerful sound. Our new range Toshiba LED TV Cricket Series is a testimony to our strong heritage of meaningful innovation. Co-created with Sachin Tendulkar, the Cricket Series is an engineering achievement which will help us consolidate our market share in the LED TV segment in India. With this new launch, we aim to garner over 10% market share in FY13.”
CRICKET MODE - Fast motions, wide angle shots and panning scenes are common in cricket videos, causing loss of depths and details. Toshiba cricket mode detects the motion and brightness to enhance the contour of objects, enhancing the details and sharpness of the objects. The cricket ball and the details of the cricket pitch are more distinct & stand-out than the background. Grass field is reproduced in its natural texture. In addition, Cricket Mode reduces the MPEG noise, reproducing smooth and sharp moving images.
The new Cricket Series adorn a skilfully created, beautiful design that stylishly complements the quality of the images and sounds. The “U- shape” motif incorporated in the new series, is not only functional, but also, accentuates your living space.
The new Cricket Series has an Active Motion Rate image-processing technology that reduces motion blur and keeps up with fast-moving sports and action sequences. AMR image-processing technology enhances the TV panel refresh rate, video processing speed, and ups the backlight in Toshiba LED TV Cricket Series, to offer an unparalleled detailing to the cricket ground, the pitch and the cricket ball. The Audio Distortion Control (ADC) & Spectrum Analyser create and refine frequency to create a sound which is not only stadium like, but clear and distortion free as well. ADC minimises sound distortion during high volume by suppressing the distortion of individual frequencies without lowering the overall sound pressure. Therefore, the audio quality can be optimised. With Spectrum Analyser, you can also see how the audio is reproduced in different frequencies and amplitude level. The graphic display gives you additional sense to visualise your audio experience.

Toshiba P2305 LED TV Cricket Series
Be immersed in true action like never before with the Toshiba P2305 LED TV Cricket Series featuring Cricket Mode which greatly enhances the high speed action scenes on the cricket field. Coupled with Toshiba’s proprietary technologies such as Auto Signal Booster, Auto Clean and Contrast Booster, P2305 Cricket Series is especially created for you to capture more action details from your favourite matches. The slim silver sound bar packed with 20W Audio Output and Power Bass Booster is sure to turn on the excitement to a higher level.
With the loud 20W audio output and the front design speakers, the sound delivered is clearer & more focused. The entire P2305 LED TV Cricket Series comes with the revolutionary Auto Clean, Auto Signal Booster and AutoView technology, along with 10bit video processing that produces over 1 billion colours, more than 64 times as many colours as conventional 8-bit processors, creating a more realistic picture with a more accurate colour intensity and smoother colour transition of the original source.
The P2305 series offer Full HD LED TV in a 100cm (39) and HD sharp images in 81cm (32), 74cm (29) and 61cm (24) screen sizes. The series is exclusively available in India, at all Toshiba brand shops and major electronics retailers at a price of Rs. 47490/-, Rs.28990/-, Rs. 25990/- and Rs. 16990/-, respectively.

Toshiba 50L2300 LED TV Cricket Series
Encased in a narrow bezel, the 50L2300 is a 50 inch Full HD LED TV with Cricket Mode for best cricket viewing experience that delivers a rich, vibrant HD picture with incredible brightness and sharp contrast, along with awesome sound and excellent energy efficiency. The 100Hz Active Motion Rate (AMR) image-processing technology enhances the refresh rate of the panel, enabling the users to enjoy clearer fast-action cricket with less blurred images. The 50L2300 Cricket mode TV comes with energy-efficient LED backlight for vibrant HD picture quality with sharp contrast for lifelike images with natural shadows and highlights.
The 50L2300 Cricket series also boasts of advanced feature like Auto Clean that reduces the noise during the transmission of the images, thereby enhancing the picture quality and the Auto Signal Booster that improves signal sensitivity and allows viewing in areas with weak signal strengths. The AutoView feature monitors the room brightness and adjusts the backlight and various picture parameters accordingly. It also continually analyzes image lightness and darkness, adjusting it to maintain maximum contrast while reducing the running costs with low power consumption.
Coupled with the two powerful 10W speakers, the Dolby Digital decoder, Power Bass Booster and Audio Distortion Control, the 50L2300 is all about enjoying every bit of the cricket viewing experience. The 50L2300 will be available at a price of Rs. 85,990/-.

Toshiba L3300 LED TV Cricket Series
The L3300 series showcases two of Toshiba’s latest innovations in image processing: Turbo LED and Detail Booster. Turbo LED boosts brightness dramatically, by 50%[3], delivering clearer, smoother images with superb resolution. The feature is controlled by the viewer and can be used when needed, keeping power consumption to a reasonable level. Detail Booster enhances both resolution and image texture, improving the overall resolution by restoring image edge sharpness affected by the upscaling process, while texture enhancement analyses the original images and hones a stereoscopic effect by strengthening their brilliance. With brighter, cleaner pictures, it delivers greater viewing pleasure.
L3300 also features the Screen Mirroring technology that can wirelessly connect the TV with your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC[4]. Users can sit back and enjoy their favourite photos/videos from the comfort of their couch or listen to music from their phone via the TV's speakers. The L3300 Cricket Series will be available in 81cm (32) and 100cm (39) size models, priced at Rs. 36,990/- & Rs. 50,990/- respectively.

Notes to the editor:
All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Exact product specifications depend on model and local availability.
Product specifications, configurations and the availability of systems, components and options described herein are subject to change without notice.

[1] As of September, 10th
[2] Signature placement varies from model to model
[3] Comparison to FY2012 model, PB200
[4] It may not be possible to connect some tablets, smartphones and PCs to the TV.

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