Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BMW EfficientDynamics. Less Emissions, More Driving Pleasure.

BMW EfficientDynamics.
Less Emissions, More Driving Pleasure.

The BMW Group is the most successful premium manufacturer in the automobile industry. The modern world is changing and a changing world constantly demands new ideas. BMW Group is prepared for these significant changes and one of them is to safeguard individual mobility with EfficientDynamics . BMW EfficientDynamics is the world’s most innovative package for reducing fuel consumption and emissions while simultaneously increasing Sheer Driving Pleasure unique to BMW.
The ECO PRO mode supports an extra-efficient and economy-conscious driving style and allows average fuel consumption to be reduced by up to 20%, with a corresponding increase in driving range.
The Auto Start/Stop function makes sure that fuel is only used when the vehicle is actually moving. Whilst waiting at traffic lights , the engine shuts itself off automatically. It switches on again in a split second once the driver takes his foot off of the brake pedal or moves the steering wheel. Depending on the amount of ‘downtime’, the automatic switching off of the engine in urban traffic can save up to 6% fuel.
The BMW TwinPower Turbo significantly reduces the fuel consumption of petrol and diesel engines – while at the same time raising power output across a wide range of engine speeds.
The close spacing of gear ratios in the 8-Speed Automatic Transmission enables maximum use of the optimum rev range, significantly lowering fuel consumption and enhancing shift comfort.
Brake Energy Regeneration: As soon as the driver takes his/her foot off the accelerator, the car’s redundant kinetic energy is transformed into storable electrical energy. The battery
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is thus charged ‘for free’. The result: Less engine power is needed to feed the battery which saves fuel. So while fuel consumption is cut by up to 3%, the engine’s entire potential is at the same time made available for the acceleration.
Thanks to the wide-ranging and detailed Aerodynamics optimisation, BMW vehicles have an outstanding drag coefficient. This includes measures such as large scale under floor panelling and the Air Curtains in the front apron, which significantly reduce air resistance around the front wheels.
Electric Power Steering: The electromechanical steering only operates during the actual steering process. When driving straight ahead, or at a constant steering angle, the electric motor does not consume any energy which helps in fuel saving of up to 3%.
Well-balanced weight distribution is the basis for neutral self-steering properties, high agility and good traction even with heavy loads. The ideal 50:50 Weight Distribution between the front and rear axles makes the vehicle superbly agile. The extended front axle and short overhangs permit the typical BMW rear drive – the optimal requirement for perfect vehicle balance.
Extreme body-shell rigidity and low weight: This is the principle behind BMW’s Light Weight Construction. This has been achieved through the use of high-strength multi-phase steels, high-strength hot-moulded steels, aluminium and special polycarbonate glass. The lesser a vehicle weighs, the lesser energy is needed to move it. Result: higher fuel economy, more agility.
Run-Flat tyres remain functional even after a complete loss of pressure. Hence, a spare tyre is no longer required, reducing vehicle weight, enhancing performance, increasing safety and reducing fuel consumption.

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