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Time Out with Imam Siddique – Ek Insaan, Kai Pehchaan
The show in association with Swipe ‘MTV Slash’ Fablet premiers 14 July, Every Sunday 7pm, Only On MTV

What you see is what you get…agar meri baatein tumhe kadvi lagti hai toh TIME OUT!!!

National XX: Funny, outrageous, mocking and over-the-top…giving entertainment a whole new dimension, MTV India introduces a twist in comedy-reality through the launch of its new show with the most colourful personality on Indian television – Imam Siddique. The show aptly titled ‘Time Out with Imam – Ek Insaan, Kai Pehchaan’ in association with Swipe ‘MTV Slash’ Fablet will premiere on July 14, 2013, every Sunday at 7pm only on MTV.
Speaking on the launch of the show, Aditya Swamy, EVP and Business Head, MTV India, says, “We are constantly looking to launch new and innovative formats. And this time we open up a brand new genre – Comedy Reality. Young people are constantly looking for out of the ordinary entertainment and there is no one who is more out there than Imam. A total entertainer who caught the fancy of the entire country now has his very own show… and everything about the show is surreal, the situations, the promos and even the marketing. Spending just a day with Imam is full of surprises, 13 weeks is going to be a riot!!! ”

The show will take you through Imam’s daily life, his many moods, and his move towards accomplishing that one goal in life – making it big in Bollywood. He knows this time he will strike it right with the right weapons of success through his entourage – a hot-shot manager, a well-connected sexy publicist, a bright helpful assistant and a young enthusiastic intern.

The thirteen part series will document his journey as he expresses his take on various hi profile events that will be topical – Cricket, films, TV, music, fashion…Nothing will be spared by Imam. From reconnecting with his old Bigg Boss frenemies to making a music video on his favorite city Mumbai and styling an IPL team, Imam will be seen doing it all. The show will also boast of a continuous flow of celebrities acquainted with Imam who are sure to bring the best and worst out of him. ‘Time Out with Imam – Ek Insaan, Kai Pehchaan’ will once again make the audience sit up and take notice of the protagonist who entertained them with his unique personality. Imam will be funny, straight forward, unapologetic and larger than life; in short he will be himself!

Get a life, get a job, get laid…If not get a facelift

Taking a page out of the book of infamous celebs that have made a fabulous living for themselves by being themselves, this annual property will chronicle the life of one such celebrity who is making waves across the nation for their antics. The first installment of this incredible series will feature none other than the man who has made entertainment his middle name, Imam Siddique.
Expressing delight of staring in his own show, Imam Siddique says, “I am extremely happy that MTV has given me this opportunity to connect with my fans again. I enjoy reality shows as I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. Through this show, my fans will be able to see different facets of my personality. I am sure they will enjoy the show immensely and get to see the real ME.”
The show will be supported by an extensive 360 degree marketing campaign. In confluence with Imam’s personality, MTV will be promoting the show by joining hands with the rickshaw-walas in the city. Adding to the shock value, the entire city will be swarmed with 500 Imam’s all around them as the rickshaw-walas and promoters will be seen wearing Imam Masks. The channel will also connect with its audience through the launch of a new app, Imamogram, which will help fans say something bold and cheeky to anyone they want with a personalized message delivered by Imam himself. The series will see real time radio integration in an episode for the first time in a show.
With all this and a lot more in the pipeline, ‘Time Out with Imam – Ek Insaan, Kai Pehchaan’ in association with Swipe ‘MTV Slash’ Fablet is sure to take the entertainment world by storm. The show will be a complete mix of entertainment and drama, coupled with Imam’s legendary notorious frolics. As they say, you can love him, you can hate him but you definitely can’t ignore him!!

~ Premiers 14 July, Every Sunday 7pm Only On MTV ~

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