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An august gathering of political bigwigs and Bollywood celebrities shared the dias at the Bless Minorities Development Foundation’s (BMDF) annual event organized by  former Municipal Councilor, Barudgar Abdul Aziz (President-BMDF) popularly known as Bablu, to recognize the achievements of top-ranking students from minority communities in the recently concluded SSC, HSC, ICSE and CBSE streams in 2013.

A huge crowd of 3000 plus people converged at Bhaidas Hall, Vile Parle, Mumbai on July 06, 2013 to cheer the students as they were awarded with prizes of laptops, tablets, cash prizes, trophies and certificates at the hands of Gurudas Kamat (MP & Gen. Sec. AICC), Jagdish Tytler (CWC Member and former MP), Oscar Fernandes (Minister for Transport, Roads & Highways), Mamta Sharma(Chairperson – National Commission for Women), Uday Pratap Singh (Lok Sabha MP), Raj Hans Singh (MLA), Dr. Ajeenkya D.Y. Patil (Hon. Consul General of Guyana), Bollywood celebritiesMahima Chaudhry, Shreyas Talpade and Rajpal Yadav, among others. Viveck shettyy briefly moderated the proceedings and was in high spirits right through the evening.

Committed to the cause of Education, BMDF under the aegis of Bablu Aziz, has been dedicatedly holding this ritual for the past 12 years. Looking at the happy faces of the students and their families, an emotional Bablu said, “The joy and pride on the faces of these students and their families is reward enough for our Foundation. It has been our endeavour to carry forth the vision of Rahul Gandhi, who believes that education is the fundamental right of every citizen of India. The love, support and presence of all the families and dignitaries present here is our biggest source of inspiration.”

Lauding the efforts of Bablu Aziz and BMDF, Mamta Sharma said, “It is sad that even in today’s world, many people, especially women are not aware of their rights. There is an acute lack of awareness, which affects implementation of government laws, schemes and policies. Education and literacy are two different things. Being literate is not enough. A sound education is necessary for all round growth and development. A lot more educated women need to come into the mainstream if we are to make a difference and bring about a change. Men have to play an important part and encourage women to come out and play an active part in this process. For behind every successful woman, there is a man too!”

In a short albeit effective speech, Special Guest Jagdish Tytler heaped praise on BMDF as he said, “We are blessed to be a part of this annual event since the past few years. These children are the future and the Mother of every child will play an all important part for shaping the child’s future.”

Congress MP and AICC General Secretary, Gurudas Kamat, present on the occasion as a Chief Guest, said, “Bablu Aziz and the BMDF need to be congratulated on their steadfast determination towards Rahul Gandhi’s vision. By recognizing the achievements of these children, we are directly encouraging today’s youth to be proactive and realize the importance of a sound education. It is imperative to spread awareness about the government’s `Right to Education’ initiative. Hope these children make their parents proud by making their dreams come true.”

Special Guest, Oscar Fernandes reiterated the importance of education as he said, “It is important to obtain the blessing of knowledge from Goddess Saraswati. If we have knowledge and education, Goddess Mahalaxmi (money) will follow. But the pursuit of money without knowledge is useless as money can leave you anytime. The government through its three pronged basic strategy of Right to Education, Right to Employment/Job and Right to Food (the recent Food Bill), is ensuring that the common man gets every encouragement. And with organizations like BMDF and Bablu Aziz empowering bright and deserving students with the tools and aids for education, the future of today’s youth is promising.”

Mahima Chaudhry was all smiles as she handed some of the prizes, saying, “It is heartwarming to see more and more children excelling in academics nowadays. This is an excellent initiative by BMDF and there are very few people blessed with the quality to `give’. Bablu Aziz is one such personality. It is hard to find people who give in these difficult times. Hope they continue encouraging the youth.”
Shreyas Talpade, in a jocular vein, said, “It is amazing how these kids are getting 90%+. In our times we never crossed beyond the 70s. So these kids should be congratulated on their results.”

Rajpal Yadav in his inimitable style said, “Keep up the good work kids! And remember that life is the greatest teacher and I have always been a student of life, so be open-minded and cultivate a mindset to learn.”

In all the BMDF awarded 6 laptops to toppers in SSC and HSC, 15 Tablets of Fun Books, 100 Cash Prizes & Certificates, 100 Trophies & Certificates and 800 Gifts & Certificates at the jam-packed event.

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