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The True School of Music to curate a 3-day seminar on career opportunities in the music industry for students and parents between 25 and 27 June

The True School of Music to curate a 3-day seminar on career 

opportunities in the music industry for students and parents 

between 25 and 27 June

Live interactive sessions with performances by Soulmate, RanjitBarot, KailashKher, DhruvGhanekar, Gino Banks, Monica Dogra, Brian Tellis and other industry experts.
Mumbai, 18 June, 2013: The True School of Musicbrings to you a three-day seminar on career opportunities in the relatively untapped music industry for aspiring musicians in Mumbai. To be held between 25th and 27th July (11 AM-5 PM) at the Blue Frog, the highly interactive seminar has been divided into distinct sessions that will cover the entire gamut of career opportunities in the music industry.

Concurrently with the seminar, at an adjoining venue, The Barking Deer, especially flown-in faculty from The Manhattan School of Music, DJ faculty, music production and sound design faculty will hold live demos of The True School of Music Curriculum. The seminar will be host to a wide and diverse group of artists and professional musicians like Dualist Inquiry, Dhruv Ghanekar, Gino Banks, Monica Dogra, DJ Uri & Reji, Clinton Cerejo, Ranjit Barot, Nikhil Chinapa, Kailash Kher, Brian Tellis and many other industry experts of music sharing their vast knowledge about the world of music.

Says Ashutosh Phatak, co-Founder of the True School of Musicand curator of the 3-day seminar, “The seminar will have some of India’s biggest career musicians, reputed performers, composers, DJs, sound engineers and concert promoters who will bring alive the creative process that makes music remunerative. It should be highly interesting for students and parents alike to listen to them share real life experiences, and get advicefrom them on how to be a successful professional musician. 

The interactive seminar will focus on how training and education can enhance one’s musical journey and open up lucrative career opportunities. Each day will host two sessions that will have professional musicians (all at the top of their respective fields) explain the nuances of learning and creating music and what it takes to make a mark in the profession. Each session will close with a panel of musicians who will respond to queries posed by the attendees. The final session on each day will have established musicians and sound engineers explaining the earning possibilities in their domains.

Day One starts with a session by DJs Uri and Reji who will speak only through their vinyls! Next up is Dualist Inquiry’s Sahej Bakshi who produces one of his signature tracks in 10minutes. India’s best blues band Soulmate will share their journey as a band through a performance. Our Manhattan School of Music teachers who are down especially to demonstrate our courses will pick musicians from the audience to perform a popular track and within minutes will teach them to perform the same track in a different genre. Each session will have a panel of 6 musicians who will respond to career and music-related queries by the attendees.Monica Dogra will close the day with a special presentation on stage presence and the earning possibilities for Bands and DJs.
Says Monica Dogra of Shair n Func,“It’s a really good time in India right now for artists and artistic people to create new and innovative careers, that possibly never existed the way that they do now”.  Adds Rudy Wallang of Soulmate, “Right now things are happening in India and I think we have a lot of opportunities as musicians, as performers, as creative people, and there is a big audience that take us seriously right now, doing our own thing.”

Day twowill begin with Ramon Ibrahim (music director), who will create a track with audience participation followed by 3 of the  ad industrys biggest composers Clinton Cerejo, Sameerudin and Rupert Fernandes producing a jingle/track based on an audience brief in 15 min.Kailash Kher will make an impromtu presentation about his experience and journey in the industry. Dhruv Jagasia will bust a few myths about rock-n-roll, and Brian Tellis shares his keen insight into the entertainment industry. The day will end with Dhruv Ghanekar and Naveen Deshpande talking about the earning potential of music composers in the industry. Reacting on Music Works, Kailash Kher the music composer and singer says, “To my own surprise, music happened to me by chance, but this has given me the opportunity to send the very strong message to all of you, that your passion can be your profession, and I believe I am the best example of that.”

The final day has been earmarked for live music and sound engineering that will kick off with Jovian Soans engineering a performance by Vasuda Sharma and Vishweh K. Baylon Fonseca and his sync sound team will rescore a scene from a movie with the audience as Foley artists. Dhruv Ghanekar, Sheldon D’Silva and Gino Banks will demonstrate the versatility of sessions players by performing one song in multiple genres! The seminar will end with a special Ranjit Barot performance on drums.Says Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, who will conclude the day with a talk on income possibilities of sound engineers and sessions players, “Music can become an amazing way of life if you find the right way to learn it. And this experience provides just that. It’s kind of like the blueprints of the yellow brick road.”

Opining on the earning capabilities of musicians, Rajit Barot says,  “You know, I have young drummer friends who make a living playing drums. But today, it’s a great time for live gigs and paid performances. Whether it’s Bollywood or indie bands, you can make a living playing your instrument.” Adds Vasudha Sharma, “I’ve been in the industry for the past 7 years now, earning a living through music, and I think it’s a great high because music has always been my passion and I’m fortunate enough to have it as a career.”

Summing up the potential of Music Works, says Nitin Chandy, co-founder of TSM, “Music Works is aimed at unveiling the potential of career in music industry. In the process, we hope to bust many myths surrounding music industry that has coloured the perception of many parents and students who are inhibited from following their true calling.”

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