Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Freaky and fabulous as Shahzahn Padamsee unveiled the most entertaining property “Monster High”

Freaky and fabulous as Shahzahn Padamsee unveiled the 

most entertaining property “Monster High” 

A summery afternoon turned freaky and fabulous as Shahzahn Padamsee unveiled the most entertaining property “Monster High” in India. With the launch, Mattel unleashed next-generation team of kids of legendary icons Frankenstein, Dracula, The Werewolf, The Mummy and Sea Monster.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-If imagination were a winged creature then Mattel would be the wind under those brazen young wings that set eyes on the limitless azure skies of fantasy and adventure. In lieu with this tradition of knowing what today’s tweens and teenage girls are looking for and their need to immerse themselves in stories and worlds as they engage in new properties and trends, Mattel has unveiled in India, the Monster High Entertainment Property and Range of Dolls plus Consumer Products. This new franchise targeting tween and teen girls in the age group of 8yrs to 15yrs brings together the hip teenage descendants of the world’s most famous monsters to brave the trials and tribulations of high school.

Monster High is not your run of the mill high school, it is the school where Frankenstein & Dracula's granddaughters face their teenage battles and fulfill their dreams. It is bound to be a promising if not an extraordinary journey where the progeny of the most loved and fierce monsters of all time create history of their own. Be it the pink skinned Draculaura turning 1600 years old, or Clawdeen Wolf with her killer style, these iconic young monsters have teenage sagas replete with quirky humor and freaky flaws all set to befriend you.

Grounded in a fun and humorous storyline, the frighteningly fashionable students at Monster High capture all the fun and awkward moments that teens experience in their high school years, the powerful bonds of friendship and the challenges of fitting in, all delivered through a monster chic aesthetic and tone.
With a strong range of toys – Dolls and accessories and Fashionable Consumer Products, backed by Animated Entertainment Series which will air on POGO Channel from May 10th on Friday’s at 9.30pm, the Monster High property enables teens and tweens to discover the brand in their own way and engage with the Monster High characters and storyline through multiple points of entry.

Mr. Karun Gera, Country Manager, Mattel Toys India Pvt. Ltd. says, “Monster High encompasses relatable characters and a rich storyline that is sure to resonate with tweens and teens in India. Monster High characters are kids of the world most famous fictitious monsters and empower girls to live out their high school journey like all other kids experiencing powerful bonds of friendship, and challenges of fitting in. The brand empowers girls to express their individuality, embrace their imperfections and form friendships that last beyond a lifetime. Monster High has multiple touch points to engage our target audience in the 8-15 years age group. The brand has been a tremendous success internationally and we are extremely happy to launch the brand in India with Shazahn Padamsee. She is a true youth and fashion icon, a trend setter and an amazingly gifted personality and that’s the reason we chose her for the launch in India.”
Remember to catch the Monster High Music Video starring Shazahn, launched with a totally new trendy song and relatable new dance moves that tweens and teenagers can dance to!

Ms. Shahzahn Padamsee says, “Monster High is an extremely fun and humorous brand by Mattel toys. I am thrilled to be associated with this range that encourages young girls to embrace their imperfections, be unique and be themselves, be a monster with freaky flaws!. The dolls are not only fashionable but also freaky and fabulous and this is what makes this range so exceptional. Working on the Music Video has been a great experience and am sure we have created a new trend with an extremely hummable song and fun dance moves!”
So join these fashionably fierce beauties as they encounter new fun experiences in their day to day lives and flaunt their imperfections. At Monster High history will be recreated and the question is, will you be a part of the joy ride. 

Making of Monster High Music Video:

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