Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Enhance your face with Juvederm XC filler and turn Back the Clock... …the comfortable way

Enhance your face with Juvederm XC filler and turn Back the Clock...
…the comfortable way

By Dr. Chytra V Anand, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Kosmoderma Clinics, Bangalore

Ouch…that hurts! Remember saying this to your beautician, bent diligently on you to mend you unruly eyebrows or wax your arms? Then, imagine the ache and discomfort one might have to undergo while undertaking a cosmetic makeover; one that involves going under the doctor’s knife?

Even if there is no knife, just a jab that you would like to take in order to beautify your visage…you will indeed feel the prick (and the agony). The measures we take to look good and our most beautiful, both surgical and non-surgical, often come supplemented with initial discomfort. All we do, while attempting any nip and tuck procedure or beauty injection(s), is to continuously remind our brain ‘there’s no gain without pain’. Isn’t it?

But now you can get ‘beautiful gains’ without the fear of pain! Astonishing as this might sound to your ears but it is true that modern-day dermal filler such as Juvederm XC is indeed a more comfortable option available to those seeking aesthetic enhancement. Unlike fillers of yesteryears, Juvederm XC comes in a composition that contains preservative-free Lidocaine (anesthetic) along with the major constituent – hyaluronic acid. The latter is a natural skin component responsible for maintaining the skin volume and hence the bountiful and youthful radiance. 

Most people are desirous of good looks yet they are ‘needle phobic’ and get panicky at the mere thought of a needle pricking their delicate facial skin. Hence, they get frustrated out of their unfulfilled wish of looking their best even in an advancing age.  With Juvederm XC, however, the injection experience is extremely comfortable. Hence one feels almost no discomfort and yet attains youthful features.

This unique dermal filler can smoothly erase glabellar lines, forehead lines and naso-labial folds (deep lines around the nose that reach up to lips). Being US-FDA approved, not only does it acts as your tool against the ageing effects but also helps in enhancing your facial features. For example, if you are among those countless young women desiring a pout a la Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie then, this new dermal filler comes handy. It effectively and painlessly plumps up your lip size thereby giving them a volume boost and renewed shape.

Besides lip size, another prominent concern among ladies is the shape of their nose. Being central in position, our nose, draws a lot of attention from onlookers. Unfortunately if its shape is not well defined then, the overall appeal of the face goes for a toss. This results in a lot of depression and low self-esteem among people with such a nose. However, this nouveau dermal filler can also be used in leveling an uneven nasal bridge, giving one a more pleasant appearance. There are other indications as well for which this filler can be used such as cheek augmentation, chin correction, defining jaw-line and rejuvenation of hands.

The filler offers soft and natural looks.  It is minimally invasive and gives long-lasting results in just one session. The beauty of dermal filler being the appearance of desired result almost instantaneously! Being a lunch-time procedure, there is no downtime involved. All one has to do is just walk in the clinic, get injected and walk out with transformed and aesthetically alluring looks. However, it is essential to choose the right person (an experienced doctor) for the treatment.

So, if the fear of pain is hindering your chances of a beautiful makeover then its time you consider your choice of dermal filler, for with XC beauty hurts are a thing of past! 

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