Friday, May 17, 2024

*Flashback Friday: A look at whenJacqueline Fernandez Recreated The Iconic Cindy Crawford Beverage Ad from ‘92*

In a nostalgic nod to the past, today’s Throwback Thursday brings us to a memorable moment in advertising history. Jacqueliene Fernandez, the Bollywood starlet known for her charisma and beauty, was starred in a recreation of an iconic beverage advertisement originally featuring supermodel Cindy Crawford.

The original commercial, which aired in the early '90s, showcased Cindy Crawford sipping a popular soft drink at a roadside diner, exuding effortless glamour and becoming a cultural touchstone. This ad not only elevated Crawford's career but also cemented the beverage's place in advertising lore.

Fast forward to recent times, Jacqueliene Fernandez stepped into Crawford's shoes, bringing her own flair to the classic scene. The recreation features Fernandez in a similar setting, donning a white tank top and denim shorts, reminiscent of Crawford's timeless look. The updated ad which was released last year retains the simplicity and elegance of the original while adding a modern twist with vibrant visuals and contemporary music.

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