Tuesday, January 2, 2024

*ABD wins 7 Gold’s at the 10th Edition of the Spiritz Conclave and Achiever Awards, 2023.*

ABD's unprecedented win at the awards function was for an array of 5 brands from its portfolio, in 7 key categories. They included top independent jury recognition for delivering quality blends, product debut of the year, smart packaging, innovation, promotions and market success.

1. Gold | Fastest-Growing Brand: ICONiQ White Whisky
2. Gold | Product Debut of the Year (Whisky): X&O Barrel Whisky
3. Gold | Product Debut of the Year (Brandy): Sterling Reserve Brandy
4. Gold | Brand Promotion Ground Space: Officer’s Choice Whisky
5. Gold | Liquid Tasting: Sterling Reserve Brandy
6. Gold | Liquid Tasting: Srishti Whisky
7. Gold | Packaging: ICONiQ White Whisky

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