Friday, December 1, 2023

Flipkart launches new ad films under ‘Kuch Khaas Kamao’ campaign spotlighting Seller Success Stories

The second phase of Kuch Khaas Kamao campaign showcases the seller benefits of Flipkart Seller Hub through compelling films highlighting reliability, quick service, accessibility and the convenience of online business 
Bengaluru, November 29, 2023: Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, has launched a series of new ad films as part of the second phase of its ‘Kuch Khaas Kamao’ campaign for sellers on its marketplace. The first phase of the campaign revolved around the benefits that extend beyond financial gains for sellers choosing to partner with Flipkart. The films in the second phase showcase how Flipkart brings together reliability, quick service, accessibility, and trust for its customers on a single platform. It highlights how sellers can effectively leverage the Flipkart Seller Hub to not only grow their businesses but also celebrate the power of human connections and be a part of the customer’s journey.  
The campaign revolves around the fact that every purchase by a customer is more than just a transaction for the sellers who sell it on Flipkart. Every order becomes an opportunity for the sellers to be a part of the customer’s journey while they play a crucial role in catering to their needs. Hence, the campaign revolves around the message of ‘Kuch Khaas Kamao’ conceptualized through two films which emphasizes on the significance of earning trust and building connections while sellers cater to the needs of the customers.  
Ad Film 1: The film unfolds in a glassware/home décor store, capturing the essence of customer-seller interaction. As a customer accidentally breaks a delicate glass vase, the seller reacts with a sympathetic nod. Simultaneously, the seller is shown holding a similar glass vase on the right frame of the screen who seamlessly provides a replacement, symbolizing the reliability and understanding of Flipkart’s sellers. The scene transitions to Flipkart's app order-tracking interface, and concludes with a Flipkart delivery partner collecting packages from a seller, underscoring the connection built between sellers and millions of customers nationwide.

Ad Film 2: The second film revolves around an idli maker, where the right frame of the screen unfolds a well-stocked kitchenware store with a seller sitting amidst neatly stacked utensils. Meanwhile, on the other side of the screen, a young college student is shown sitting in his college canteen surrounded by an unappetizing plate of idlis. His discontent is visible as he tries to cut through the stiff idlis. In the moment he accidentally flings an idli, narrowly missing the attentive seller on the other side. Seizing the opportunity, the seller swiftly offers a brand-new idli maker, bringing relief and joy to the student. The exchange underscores the reliable connection built between sellers and customers in such moments of need.

Rakesh Krishnan, Vice President and Head of marketplace, at Flipkart, said, "As a homegrown e-commerce marketplace, we are committed to fostering an environment where the sellers can get an opportunity to make their offerings accessible to customers across the country. Empowering sellers is at the heart of our 'Kuch Khaas Kamao' campaign. By leveraging Flipkart Seller Hub, our 1.4 million sellers unlock vast business opportunities and build enduring customer trust. It's a journey where reliability meets success, creating a win-win for sellers and customers."

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