Wednesday, September 6, 2023

P&G brand Pampers unveils new #DekhKeHiMaanege campaign

P&G brand Pampers unveils new #DekhKeHiMaanege campaign; becomes first-of-its-kind diaper brand that gives parents an inside view of its diaper manufacturing facility and product performance. 


Pampers, the leading baby care brand under the house of Procter & Gamble, addresses all the diaper related questions of discerning parents through its new campaign film; where actor Nakuul Mehta and vocalist Jankee Parekh Mehta along with prominent parent influencers Ambica Agarwal and Shivani Kapila Tyagi, who feature in the film, are taken on a first-of-its-kind visit to experience the Pampers’ state-of-the-art diaper manufacturing factory in Mandideep, Bhopal.   


Mumbai : September 6, 2023 - Pampers, the world’s leading baby care brand under the house of Procter & Gamble, has set a new benchmark of transparency, safety and innovation for consumers with its latest campaign #DekhKeHiMaanege, targeted at discerning parents.  


Reaffirming the unbreakable trust parents place in Pampers Diapers, the new #DekhKeHiMaanege campaign film addresses all questions parents have about the diapers they use for their babies. Parents are often confused about which diaper to choose for their baby. Every brand is claiming several things, the internet is filled with recommendations and even the neighbours have a point of view. The film features actor Nakuul Mehta and vocalist Jankee Parekh along with prominent parent influencers Ambica Agarwal and Shivani Kapila Tyagi being taken on a tour around Pampers’ state-of-the-art diaper manufacturing unit in Mandideep, Bhopal to have them see for themselves how the brand manufactures its diapers. After all, parents Dekh Ke Hi Maanenge. 


The group is guided by a Pampers expert who educates them about the 100+ safety, hygiene and quality checks and processes that are put in place to meticulously manufacture the diapers. This includes a zero human touch operation which means the first person to touch the diaper is the parent! The new parents also get to see how new and improved Pampers All Round Protection Pants performs better than other diapers to provide protection from rashes, up to 100% leakage lock and up to 12 hours long lasting absorption. 


"As new parents, we know firsthand the challenges and concerns that come with choosing the right diaper for your baby. Pampers' #DekhKeHiMaanege campaign was an eye-opener for us. Visiting the Pampers manufacturing facility and seeing the rigorous safety and quality checks they put in place was reassuring. It's clear that Pampers is dedicated to providing the best for babies, and we can confidently say that after seeing it all, 'Dekh Ke Maanliya'. We believe Pampers is the right choice for parents who want the best for their little ones." Said Actor Nakuul Mehta and Vocalist Jankee Parekh 


“At Pampers, we’ve always been committed to delivering the best care for babies. Our new #DekhKeHiMaanege campaign reinforces Pampers’ legacy as the gold standard in baby care, rooted in innovation, safety, and trust. With our new campaign film, we have raised the bar when it comes to being transparent with our consumers, further reaffirming their implicit trust in us,” said Chetna Soni, Vice President & Category Leader, Babycare, Procter & Gamble India. “We were delighted to welcome our new parents into our manufacturing plant and have them witness firsthand the entire process of making Pampers diapers. We hope that viewers of the film and all our consumers now know and understand why Pampers diapers are the leading choice for parents,” Chetna added.  


Pampers knows that leakage and rashes are parent’s biggest diaper concerns. To prevent diaper rash, Pampers uses lotion with aloe vera that serves as an anti-rash blanket. For leakage, especially in the thigh area, Pampers puts in place double protection leak guards in the thigh cuff area. The magic gel in a Pampers diaper not only absorbs not only absorbs up to 100% of the liquid but also locks it in for up to 12 hours. These diapers have no added chemicals, making them completely safe for babies.  


Through the film, Pampers gives the message to viewers that it understands these worries and has addressed each and every one of them at its manufacturing facility.  


For more information and to view the campaign film #DekhKeHiMaanege, please visit: Don’t just believe us, now you can see for yourself why Pampers is the best diaper for your baby! 

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