Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Renowned Singer Ameya Dabli announces a first-of-its-kind Bollywood Musical Live concert “Vardi Ke Veer” to create a deep sense of gratitude for the defence forces of India

An immersive musical experience to be based on extraordinary stories from a soldier’s life
Mumbai…August 9, 2023… Ameya Dabli, a former banker turned celebrity singer announced his latest masterpiece, "Vardi Ke Veer - A Bollywood Musical Live Concert," based on extraordinary stories from a soldier’s life. This spectacular event is set to take place on August 12, 2023, at Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Auditorium, Sion, Mumbai, promises a mesmerizing blend of visuals and auditory brilliance that will leave music lovers enthralled.

Ameya Dabli's fervor for the "Vardi Ke Veer" concert is palpable, as he wholeheartedly believes in expressing gratitude towards our dedicated defence forces. His passion shines through, reflecting his genuine commitment to honoring and appreciating the sacrifices of these brave individuals through this powerful musical event. The concert is meticulously designed to immerse the audience in the unparalleled experiences of our soldiers, shedding light on the immense challenges they confront daily. By presenting the sacrifices and hardships these valiant individuals endure, "Vardi Ke Veer" endeavors to foster a profound understanding and appreciation for their extraordinary lives. This visionary initiative emerges as a platform to celebrate their heroism, inviting civilians to step into the shoes of these unsung champions.

Speaking at the press conference, Ameya Dabli, founder of AD Ventures Production and curator of the Vardi Ke Veer, expressed his excitement and vision for the concert, stating, “Vardi Ke Veer is not just a musical extravaganza; it's a heartfelt homage to the extraordinary stories from the lives of our real heroes, encapsulating their indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication. The concert stands as a poignant platform, embracing not solely our soldiers, but also civilians. It serves as a means to truly fathom the toils, selflessness, and collaborative endeavors woven by our soldiers to ensure the security and serenity of our fellow citizens. Commemoration of these sacrifices and endeavors should transcend the boundaries of Independence Day or Republic Day, finding its place within the tapestry of our daily lives.”

Joining Ameya Dabli on this momentous occasion is none other than the renowned celebrity singer, Shaan. This collaboration marks a historical juncture in their respective journeys, as they join hands for the first time to amplify the impact of this noble cause.

Celebrity singer Shaan expressed his views and said, "I am extremely inspired by Ameya Dabli’s vision and concept of Vardi Ke Veer. We need more such initiatives from our Bollywood and music industry. It’s an absolute privilege to participate in this concert alongside Ameya and his very talented team. With 'Vardi Ke Veer,' we salute the real-life heroes who protect us. I am honored to lend my voice to this initiative, which uses music to express our gratitude to our brave soldiers."

With the artistic brilliance of dance maestro and choreographer, Shiamak Davar, "Vardi Ke Veer" promises a riveting experience that seamlessly merges captivating performances by celebrity singers Ameya Dabli and Shaan, complemented by breathtaking choreography. This event guarantees to leave an indelible mark on all music and dance enthusiasts, as they come together to celebrate the cause that truly deserves the spotlight.

About Vardi Ke Veer 
Vardi Ke Veer is produced by AD Ventures Production which aims to ignite a sense of valor, patriotism and resilience within each individual, empowering them to face their own lives with renewed strength and determination. By showcasing the immense sacrifices and hardships endured by our soldiers, the concerts invite the audience to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for the soldier's life. Vardi Ke Veer is an entertaining, musical concert with high-octane performances of top-notch singers and dancers with a lot of added drama. It’s a visual and auditory treat for music lovers.

Ekam Satt - From a Musical Movement to a Force for Good
Ekam Satt - One Truth, One Humanity - World Music is a musical tribute to spread the message of love and unity across cultures and societies globally. In 2018, AD Ventures Production launched the Ekam Satt - Mission for Nation, which provides mental well-being concerts to Indian Armed Forces personnel. The concerts are designed to help soldiers cope with the stress and trauma of their work. The initiative has reached more than 4.5 lakh men in uniform and their families through 150 concerts.
All these initiatives are effectively executed by Ekam Satt Foundation. This Foundation has been doing numerous social activities primarily in the field of education and health. The objectives of this Trust include extending financial help to poor and needy for education and medical relief along with giving aid to deserving students & artists. Apart from these objectives, the Trust is also involved in promoting various cultural activities, social welfare, and India’s rich culture.
About Ameya Dabli:
Introducing the extraordinary Ameya Dabli, a hotshot banker turned celebrity singer, whose audacious decision to abandon a thriving 15-year corporate career has propelled him towards a magnificent journey of musical brilliance. With a vision that resonates across the globe, Ameya has graced over 2100 concerts across the globe, leaving an indelible mark of joy and exuberance wherever he performs. 
But his artistic prowess doesn't end there. Driven by a fervent desire to honor the armed forces of our nation, Ameya Dabli embarked on a remarkable journey of compassion, spearheading the "Ekam Satt - Unity Concerts" as part of the prestigious "Mission for Nation" initiative. 

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