Thursday, July 6, 2023

Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India organises GST awareness seminar at Thakur Management Institutes

Mumbai, 06 July 2023: The Ministry of Finance, Government of India, led a highly successful and enlightening seminar on "GST - Achievements, Challenges & Way Forward" for the students of the esteemed Thakur Education Group. This engaging event took place on June 6th at the campus of Thakur Global Business School (TGBS) & Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research (TIMSR).


India's monumental tax reform, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which has been a catalyst for transformative changes since its implementation, celebrates six years of remarkable progress this July. To commemorate this milestone, a prestigious seminar was organized at the illustrious Thakur Management Institutes campus. Distinguished speakers, including Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma, Commissioner CGST and CEX Audit, Thane, Shri. Kamlesh Kumar Gupta, Additional Commissioner CGST and CEX Audit, Thane, and Ms. Daribha Lyndem, Joint Commissioner CGST and CEX Audit, Thane, along with other esteemed officials from the CGST department, graced the event. The esteemed speakers, with their wealth of knowledge, shed light on the accomplishments of GST thus far, emphasizing its pivotal role in revolutionizing India's indirect tax structure, streamlining the system, and bolstering tax revenues for both the Centre and the states.


The distinguished guests were warmly welcomed by Mrs. Greena Karani, Chief Financial Officer of Thakur Education Group. She expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the Ministry of Finance's proactive initiative to organize awareness programs on GST in educational institutions. Mrs. Karani commended the successful implementation of GST, recognizing its instrumental role in driving the growth and development of the Indian Economy. The seminar witnessed the presence of students, faculty members, and industry representatives from Thakur Management Institutes, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and collaboration.


Expressing his gratitude, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma, Commissioner CGST and CEX Audit, Thane, stated, "We are deeply honoured to be here and have the opportunity to share our knowledge on GST, which has achieved remarkable milestones during its successful six-year journey. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed the resilience of digital returns were efficiently filed, aiding the nation in navigating through these unprecedented times. The government's emphasis on digitization has played a significant role in fostering an industrial revival. GST has helped in the integration of the whole India into one Nation. We sincerely hope that more esteemed educational institutions like Thakur Education Group will step forward and organize similar enlightening seminars, empowering the youth with invaluable insights into this subject that has become an integral part of their lives."


Shri. Kamlesh Gupta, Additional Commissioner CGST and CEX Audit, Thane, said, “The Ministry of Finance has undertaken a commendable initiative to raise awareness about the successful completion of six years since the implementation of GST in India. It is truly remarkable that we have reached this milestone. The organization of seminars in educational institutions plays a crucial role in spreading awareness and highlighting the achievements of GST. It is essential for us to emphasize the successful implementation of GST and its impact on our economy. This initiative ensures that the knowledge is shared and celebrated across various platforms, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject among students and the broader community.”


In alignment with Verma's sentiments, Karan Singh, CEO of Thakur Global Business School, expressed his heartfelt appreciation, saying, "We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Finance for selecting our educational institute as the venue to disseminate this invaluable knowledge. The seminar proved to be an engaging and enlightening experience, with our students actively participating and posing intriguing questions to the esteemed speakers. It is a great honour for us to host such distinguished dignitaries on our campus, sharing their profound expertise with our students. We eagerly anticipate more such insightful seminars organized by the government of India in the future." 


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