Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Mommy Shots by Amrita turns one!

~ The acclaimed, award-winning Motherhood and Childhood Photography studio by photographer Amrita Samant, celebrated its first anniversary on February 4, 2023 ~
Bangalore, 6th February 2023: Sony Artisan and Profoto Mentor, photographer Amrita Samant’s Motherhood and Childhood Photography studio - Mommy Shots by Amrita celebrated their first anniversary last evening. With two studios in India – in Chennai and Bangalore, and a presence in India and Singapore, Amrita is providing new parents and children a treasure trove of memories frozen in time for posterity. Mommy Shots by Amrita celebrated their first anniversary at Mommy Shots by Amrita Studio in Bangalore in the presence of happy customers, friends, family and actress, influencer and mother, Sameera Reddy.
The acclaimed photographer has to her name over 20 international awards in the category of motherhood & childhood photography. Amrita is also credited with popularising the concept of Maternity & Newborn portraiture at a time when the subject was a deeply-rooted taboo across the country. Since 2013, she's been a pioneer in the space and often finds herself ahead of the industry in creating ground-breaking imagery in this niche to bring out the human element and the real bond between the parent and the child. The acclaimed, award-winning photographer is sought-after internationally and has travelled to over 10 countries for shoots in the last few years.
Beyond her entrepreneurial nature, Amrita feels very strongly about giving back to society and making an impact, using the means of photography. Be it the latest campaign on acid-attack victims (mothers) to supporting children with autism, she has generously taken the time and effort to better the lives of children and women across the country. Amrita has been instrumental in raising awareness and connecting over 200 NICU babies with their breastmilk donors. She has also supported education through her app and has helped women become independent by teaching them the art of photography.
In addition to completing a record-breaking number of shoots in a short span of time, Amrita is in the process of opening two more studios – in Mumbai and Hyderabad later this year. 
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