Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Healthcare Union Budget Expectation FY2023-24 quote from Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO, Esperer Nutrition group

India has a total of 7,13,986 government hospital beds, which amounts to 0.55 beds per 1,000 people as per the National Health Profile 2019 data, out of which just 5%-8% are ICU beds. The Indian population has a single doctor for 1,445 people in the country. Hence it is imperative and expected that the forthcoming 2023 union budget should focus massively over health care infrastructure along with quality of treatment outcomes in the country .

More funds allocation towards R&D and innovation in pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals are expected . 
In my opinion the accessibility of quality healthcare services especially in rural parts of the nation is an area that needs empowerment in the coming budget . 

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