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Mumbai, November 9, 2022: S P Jain School of Global Management, ranked in the world’s top 12 for its 1-year Global MBA program, announced today the launch of a new international campus in London. 


The new school – S P Jain London School of Management (SPJ London) – will build on the global business education philosophy of The S P Jain Global Group and offer students from the UK and abroad the opportunity to study in London and also at S P Jain’s other campuses in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. 


The new campus will be located in the heart of London’s financial, business and tech district – Canary Wharf. Once a centre of naval commerce, Canary Wharf is now a thriving hub of business, culture and retail. The new campus will be just minutes from global financial giants such as HSBC, Barclays, JP Morgan, Citibank, American Express and Credit Suisse. 


“People ask me – why London? Because students want to study in London! Simple. The number of students interested to study in the UK has doubled in the last year itself. We are a student-centric school and will go to any length to improve their learning experience. And why not London? With GMT 0, I call it the centre of our planet earth,” shares Nitish Jain, Founder & President of The S P Jain Global Group. 


“Our new campus in the heart of London’s business district is designed to be a place where students, alumni, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the UK can come together to ideate and collaborate on thought leadership. It also provides for an excellent location for part time jobs, internships and industry guest lectures,” adds Nitish. 


“Many congratulations to SP Jain School of Global Management on selecting London as the location for their next international campus.  Last year, over 108,000 visas were issued to Indian students – up 93% on the previous year - a sign of the magnetic attraction of UK education for people all across India,” shares Alan Gemmell, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for South Asia and British Deputy High Commissioner for Western India.  


“We are delighted to welcome S P Jain to London! We have heard of their strong reputation and futuristic education. London is a centre of global business, and we are confident that students would have a superb learning experience. Though the UK is well-known for the quality of its higher education, a strong new provider would add to the choice both British and international students would have,” shares Sarah Chidgey, Head of International Education, Department for International Trade, UK. 


SPJ London will begin delivering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes by mid-2023*. These programmes will be accredited by the Office for Students, Department for Education, UK, and will result in students graduating with a UK degree. 


*Subject to regulatory approvals.



S P Jain School of Global Management is an Australian business school that provides modern, relevant and practical global business education. With campuses in the dynamic business hubs of Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney, S P Jain Global is renowned for its multi-city undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as doctoral, executive and short-term online programs. For its flagship Global MBA program, the School has been ranked by reputed international publications such as ForbesTimes Higher Education–Wall Street JournalFinancial Times and The Economist.


S P Jain Global is registered as an Institute of Higher Education by the Australian Government's Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Upon graduation, students receive a degree conferred by SP Jain School of Global Management, Australia. The School is registered as a Private Education Institute (PEI) by the Committee for Private Education (CPE), Singapore, and permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, UAE. Click here to read more.

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