Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Embrace Authoritative Craftsmanship with the Ducorium Bordeaux Collection

Lapis Bard is pleased to announce the launch of the Ducorium Bordeaux range of large and small leather products in which the richness of fine leather and the glamour of gold converge to enhance your lifestyle.

The colour Bordeaux, whose name originates from the French city famous for wine certification and production, accurately denotes the chromatic identity of the products, while signifying the values of passion, distinction and craftsmanship that the range embodies. Bordeaux is the third colour to join the Ducorium Collection, which is distinguished by the sumptuous ‘sfumato’ technique employed by Leonardo da Vinci, involving hand-painting edges to impart a delightful dual-tone finish that is exotic, original and timeless. As a result, the Ducorium Bordeaux collection not only looks like wine, but also gets better with age like it.

The Ducorium Bordeaux range comprises a laptop sleeve called Bexley, a laptop bag called Chester, and a tote backpack called Roxton, along with bi-fold coin-pocket and removable card-sleeve wallets for men.

Available at William Penn stores and online, at www.lapisbard.com, and www.williampenn.net.

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